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Far Infrared Heating Pad | For Back and Neck

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Professional Grade, Far Infrared Heating Pad

Keeping you safe and healthy, with 1Love
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Relax, and Feel Amazing
We've developed the perfect

Far Infrared Heating Pad

for neck and upper back coverage. This area of tension is troublesome for many. With that in mind, we use a combination of heat and Far Infrared Therapy to achieve muscle relaxation and relieve the body of the tension and stresses of the day.


Experience the benefits of two therapies in one, Heat and Far Infrared.
Improve Cardiovascular Health
Lower Inflammation
Improve Brain Health
Stimulate Your Immune System
Relieve and Reduce Pain
Reduce Stress and Fatigue
Promote Skin Health
Burn Calories
Improve lymph circulation, treat allergies, significantly quicker wound healing, promote cell repair, aide with digestion, relieve constipation, kill and removes unhealthy and diseased cells, including tumor cells, treats cutaneous leishmaniasis, dramatic increase in antibiotic delivery and effectiveness, assist Lyme disease treatment, treat heart disease and circulatory issues, lower blood pressure, autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes, reduce dementia and Alzheimer’s, depression, reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, improve memory, kill harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, release endorphins, treat rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, loosen tight sore muscles / relieve stiffness aches and soreness, relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and burns. Help remove impurities and dead skin cells, clean pores. Treat chronic tension headaches, chronic pain, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, allergic rhinitis, COPD, reduce total cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol, Increased secretions of growth hormone, ACTH, and cortisol, improvements in somatic well-being scores, 85% decrease in “sick days'', 31% increase in sleep hours, lessened neurotoxicity scoring, asthma and chronic bronchitis relief.


Optimal Upper Back and Neck Coverage
We use a combination of perfectly contoured material, along with a fully adjustable buckle to keep the Far Infrared heating pad snug to your body. With this you will not have to worry about constantly adjusting and fixing your heating pad's position.
• Designed to be fully adjustable giving everyBODY the experience they deserve.
• Uniform contact and Perfect heat dissipation where it counts.
• Comfortable and secure allowing you to take your recovery anywhere.


Relaxing with a Far Infrared Heating Pad:
Be in any position where you can fully relax.
Focused Far Infrared Rays are inches from your body, providing uniform therapy for the deepest absorption.
Laying back is the most beneficial way to use the Far Infrared Heating Pad. The cardiovascular system is relieved from the demands of gravity and internal body responses are maximized toward self-healing and relaxation.
Your body can fully relax for maximum benefit from the Far Infrared Therapy


Lower Body Tightness
Lumbar Discomfort
Stomach Pain
Menstrual Cramps
This Far Infrared Heating Pad is extremely effective at targeting lower body pain. When placed upside down, it can offer complete lumbar, glute and partial hamstring coverage to alleviate lower body pain. Not only that, it can be placed onto your stomach providing heat and Far Infrared therapy where you need it most.


Quality Materials
• Environmentally friendly, High Density Neoprene.
• Premium quality velcro.
• Secure netting around the stone.
• Built to last a lifetime.
Full One Year Full Warranty/Limited Lifetime Warranty
Carbon Fiber Far Infrared with Zero EMF Technology
EMF (electromagnetic fields) are generated by electrical devices. High EMF is dangerous for our health and can cause sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, fatigue, as well as more concerning medical issues. You will want to avoid EMF in your life.
ZERO EMF Technology does not mean that the entire heating pad is Zero EMF. There are occasional spikes in the healthy range, but we are very impressed with the safe EMF levels of 1Love Products

-Far Infrared Domes with Healing Stones (2)
-Far Infrared Mat with Healing Stones
-Three Zone Control Unit with Timer
-Insulated Curtain PLUS spare curtain
-Manual with Best Use Recommendations
-Laminated Quick Start Guide
-Loving Lifetime Support


What's Included

Premium Quality Far Infrared Heating Pad
Fully adjustable buckle, quality velcro and secure strap.
Easy To Use Remote With Temperature and Time Display
Adjustable heat settings of 1-80°C and Time from 1-60 Minutes.
High Quality Carrying Bag With Handle
Neatly fits heating pad and remote for easy transport.

Therapeutic Stones

Just the act of holding a tourmaline or germanium stone and slightly heating it up with your hands will release beneficial Far Infrared. The heating pad produces Far Infrared, which heats up the therapeutic stones, which in turn release even more Far Infrared. The end result is that the stones amplify and intensify the overall experience. The stones also act as ‘heat sinks,’ helping to maintain smooth and consistent heat for full body therapy.
Stones have been used throughout the world and in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The stones we use are said to assist in the release of negative ions as well as provide many additional benefits for health. Negative ions play a major role in helping to detoxify and enhance your body's overall well-being. They have long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. The stones are pulverized into a powder and then hardened into discs, maximizing the effective surface area and benefits.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions
    • Dimensions: 18"x27"

    • Fully Adjustable

    • Maximal Coverage
  • Stones
    • Therapeutic Stones release Far Infrared when heated and offer Eastern Medicine benefits.

    • 54 Jade
  • Power
    • 110V USA Type B Plug

    • Powerful 80W Protected Controller

    • Timer: 1-60 minutes (beep when complete)
  • Far Infrared
    • ZERO EMF Carbon Fiber Far Infrared

    • Tuned to 4-15um to precisely resonate with your body

    • Note: Far Infrared ONLY (no near infrared)
  • Temperature
    •77-176°F / 25-80°C

    • This temperature range is perfect during cold winter months, allowing you to wear whatever you want and still achieve full benefits.
  • Material
    • Non-Abrasive, High Density Neoprene

    • Detachable Cable

    • Certifications: SGS, RoHS Chemical, CE (EMC, LVD), IEM, Far Infrared Ray, Negative ION
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