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Sauna Benefits

Explore All That Far Infrared Has To Offer

As science progresses, more and more benefits of far infrared saunas become revealed.
Flip the cards below to get a taste of what this beautiful science has to offer.


Live Longer
Studies have shown up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular disease risk.

Frequent sauna use dramatically increases blood flow throughout the body. In addition to this, core body temperature is elevated along with heart rate, which mimics the effects of a moderate intensity cardio workout.

Embrace blood flow, rid the body of harsh chemicals and toxins.

Sauna sessions upregulate the body's natural detox mechanisms, allowing for toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and even drugs and alcohol. Detox by using a sauna can make you truly feel your best.

Increase immune system function. Embrace year-round health.

Saunas allow for the body to mimic a fever, but in a healthy way. This process increases immunity, keeping you healthy year round.

Brain Function
Stimulate mental clarity and endorphin release.

Heat exposure creates a stress response within the body, in turn, creating a release of dopamine, growth hormone, beta endorphins and other hormones that contribute to an amazing post-sauna feeling.

Skin Health
Increase collagen production, decrease bacteria, get healthy skin.

Far infrared has been shown to increase collagen production, which is a large contributor to keeping skin healthy. Sweating also allows for bacteria on the top of skin's pores to be washed away.

Burn Calories
Burn extra calories simply while laying down.

As core temperature and heart rate increase, metabolic rate does as well. This means increased caloric burn while in the sauna and during the cooldown period after.

Fight Disease
Slow rates of degenerative disease such as Alzeheimers.

Regular sauna sessions have been shown to dramatically decrease rates of neuro degenerative disease, by as much as 65%!

Increased Circulation
Experience enhanced full body circulation.

Improved circulation can be a true game changer within your health goals. This can dramatically improve cardiovascular function and simply make you feel much better throughout each day.

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