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Anyone who has ever done hot yoga knows that the very best part is the end of the session where you are lying on your back, completely drenched in sweat, deeply relaxed in the savasana resting pose... it is absolute heaven. This is how I have felt every day using my sauna dome.

First off, I love to sauna and have always wanted one in my home. I imagined getting a large traditional upright one, but aside from the much higher price tag, I simply had no space on my home to keep it. The sauna dome totally solved that problem. The size is perfect, and I also didn't realize how much more I would enjoy lying down! I have done a bit of research about the health benefits of far infrared technology and have been intrigued yet skeptical. I have been using the product almost every day for the last three weeks and want to share my experience...

Weight loss... yes, I sweat buckets of water using this thing (which I replace with drinking lots of water) but I've also shed a few actual pounds of fat. I read somewhere that 30 minutes of far infrared sauna increases your heart rate and can burn 600 calories. I'm not certain whether or not that is true, but I will tell you this... after a good, hot, detoxifying sweat, I feel so clean and pure and amazing that I've had little desire to put toxic crap back into my body. Without even meaning to diet, I am finding myself eating sooo much cleaner.

Energy... one might think 30 minutes in that thing would relax you, but also leave you completely drained. I have found the opposite to be true. After a morning sauna I feel incredibly relaxed, but also absolutely amazing and I seem to have MUCH more energy than my normal sluggish self... enough to sustain me throughout the day. I have also noticed I am sleeping better at night. I used to wake up at 2-3am every night feeling feverish (I suspect menopause). In the last three weeks I think I've only woken up a couple times total... this is huge for me.

My skin... holy cow my skin feels so amazing that I can't stop touching my baby soft face!!! I live in a dry desert climate. Winter is especially harsh... my hair, skin, nails all feel so dry and it makes me feel old and withered. The best moment in the sauna is that moment when your body starts to tingle and you know you have just broken a sweat. It is then I love to pull the dome right over my head and completely enclose myself so my face can feel the full effect as well (if I feel too hot I pop my head right back out into the nice cool air). The end result of all that sweating is my skin is so. damn. happy... It's radiant! It's glowing! If this were the one and only benefit of the sauna, that alone would have been worth it to me.

Germanium & Tourmaline Energy Stones... my model is lined with stones. I am fascinated by the healing properties of stones and crystals, and have a nice collection of rocks and crystals that I have found myself drawn to. Although I don't fully understand how they work (or if they are all that they claim to be), I do like the fact that they are incorporated in my sauna. From everything I've read on geranium and tourmaline its pretty rad stuff and I personally think it makes this sauna extra special.

Other health benefits... I've read of other healing benefits, as well as it strengthening my immune system... especially in regards to the infrared technology that has the ability to penetrate deep within my body. I can't make any claims in that department (I am very healthy and rarely get sick), but it does make sense it could greatly help. I know the body reacts to fever by increasing the production of antibodies and firing up the white blood cells. I have a friend who had been suffering with lupus for over 10 years until she flew to a center in Germany where she had a 20k treatment done in which her body was heated to temperatures high enough to destroy her disease... she came home symptom free and three years later still believes to be cured. I believe it was Hippocrates who said... Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease. Anyhow, I am no doctor or scientist, but I do feel like sauna may have many healing benefits beyond our understanding.

Overall I am VERY happy with this purchase. I have zero regrets. And I can honestly say I think you all should get one if you can. I want everyone to partake. The world would be a better, happier, healthier, more peaceful place to live if every home was equipped with a 1love Sauna Dome.

I'm 67 and have some of the usual aches and issues of my age group. I use the sauna dome for 20-22 minutes a day (after an 8-10 minute pre-warm) and I really notice the difference when I miss a day. This reduces ALL inflammation and I sleep better, feel more energetic and supple and most important I ache 80% less! I've taken to using it earlier in the day because, while relaxing, it also has an energizing effect which keeps me awake longer if I use it right before bedtime. I feel GREAT!

I did have an issue with some of the infrared discs malfunctioning in the lower pad, but the company is insisting on replacing it even though I didn't request it. Altogether I have never spent better money.

This is the first review I’ve taken the time to write, which says a lot about how happy I am with this product!!

I am a wood worker and adventure guide who requires a lot of my body and back on a regular basis. I have a history of lower back issues, to the point of hospitalization, and on occasion, unfortunately, I have to use a walker to get around my house. I tend to have difficulty relaxing at the end of my days, frequently I hobble into bed at night. I desperately needed something to help my muscles relax deeply and safely.

Just a little about why I love this sauna blanket... I started using it over a week ago and found muscle recovery time has decreased considerably, to the point that I haven’t had any issue sleeping comfortably at night and waking the next day ready to work, without issue. I love the design!! It has ample, soothing, radiant heat wrapping my entire body in blissful tranquility, I especially enjoy the stones concentrating on my back as I lay comfortably in my home. I appreciate the range of adjustable, individualized, temperatures so I can relax for as long as needed. In a typical sauna (room) I find that I cannot stay for too long due to my head getting over heated, often leading to head aches, not to mention not fully being able to relax if it’s a shared space such as those at the gym (when it was open and available) with this model my head rests comfortably out of the blanket with the provided pillow, while the rest of my body sweats out my day and warms me from working outside in the PNW. I find myself looking forward to this part of my nightly ritual, a huge treat for a body I ask a lot of.

On another note, I am very impressed with the quality of materials, design and ease of use... I cannot say enough good things about it, it truly is my favorite treat for myself.

I've tried a $10K product and this sauna is just as effective. It exceeded my expectations, and definitely gets my full endorsement. I have been using it every other day and enjoying the experience.

I bought this sauna for my wife who has health challenges. She has used it twice per day from the day of its delivery. It's easy to assemble and works efficiently without taking up much space. For those of you who are a bit claustrophobic, your head can stay outside of the dome. There's a Velcro curtain to keep the heat inside once you get situated in the dome. She lays a towel over the stones, heats it up for a few minutes, and relaxes for excellent health benefits. Within two days my wife's lymph system responded well to the far infrared sauna. I was purchasing a much more expensive unit until I found this one, and we're both pleased with this purchase. I had questions about the sauna and contacted the seller who responded the same day and answered every question. Seriously, if you are thinking about purchasing a sauna, we highly recommend this unit. 


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