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Ultra Low EMF Saunas
Average EMF: 0.1482mG
Our Saunas Are Tested With Confidence
After extensive testing using 169 data points, we can proudly share that 1Love Sauna's average EMF exposure is 16 times below recognized safe limits. Additionally, our overall average of ELFs is far below accepted safe levels.
Average of ELFs: 13.59 V/m
Why Choose Low EMF?
EMF exists in nature as well. They’re part of the earth’s magnetic field, thunderstorms… even our own bodies. Our bodies have evolved to work well with these background levels of Natural EMF, but when we add in extremely high levels from unnatural sources, we run into problems.
Studies have shown EMF has biological effects on cells with magnetic fields as low as 2 - 3 mG, and 30 V/m ELF . While inside a typical sauna, one without our patented EMF mitigation technology, you may be exposed to levels as high as 150mG (the EPA has proposed a safety standard of 3 mG).
Are High EMF Saunas Harmful?
Far infrared saunas offer profound benefits, but usually those benefits come with a cost. Rest easy as you take this in… we’ve made sure 1Love Saunas are designed with your radiant health in mind… There are buzzwords we often hear, but don’t necessarily pay much attention to. You may have seen an advertisement about the dangers of EMF, or for EMF-reducing technology geared towards mitigating the impact of EMF in your home or life. Let’s start at the beginning. We will walk you through what EMF is, and why you should care… especially when choosing the right Infrared Sauna for you.
What Does The Research Say?
Researchers have discovered a whole host of ways EMF disrupts our bio-rhythms, health, and general well-being. It’s important that you understand this so you can make an informed and healthy choice when choosing the right Sauna for you. Scientists discovered that there are three kinds of EMF, and every one of them were flooding the brain and heart with calcium ions. Calcium ions cause dysfunction in the brain by altering release of neurotransmitters and hormones. Excess calcium ions in heart and brain cells also cause disfunction by producing oxidative damage. That oxidative stress worsens the harm being caused by your current toxic burden, reduces your body's ability to excrete toxins, promotes cellular aging, and damages DNA.
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