Professional Grade, Heavy Duty NYLON
ZERO EMF Technology

With Jade & Tourmaline Therapeutic Stones

360 Degree, Full Coverage, Far Infrared Sauna
Wrap yourself up, relax, and feel amazing

Focused Far Infrared rays for the deepest absorption. Superior Construction with Superior Specifications
Keeping you Safe and Healthy, with 1Love


Powerful 600 W Protected Pro Control Box
Tuned to 4-15um (precisely resonates with your body)
3 Separately Controlled Far Infrared Zones:
77-176 Fahrenheit / 25-80 Celsius

Slender >> 62” circumference
If unsure, have someone help you measure around the widest part of your body and make sure to include your arms. Over 62 inches? We can still help. You will need 2 Sauna Blankets, which you can easily attach together using the wide Velcro strips.

Outer Material - Durable Waterproof Nylon
Inner Material - SGS and RoHS Certified Non-Toxic PVC
1st Layer: (inside ~ 96 Jade and Tourmaline Stones)
2nd Layer: Waterproof Non-Toxic PVC
3rd Layer: Nylon Insulating Layer
4th Layer: Heat Conduction Layer/Cotton
5th Layer: Temperature Controller and Sensor (3 Zone)
6th Layer: Infrared heating layer - 177’ Zero EMF Carbon Fiber
7th Layer: Heat Insulation Layer
8th Layer: Non-toxic Waterproof Nylon

Professional Waterproof Sauna Blanket with Therapeutic Stones, 3 Zone Pro Control Unit, Pillow, Manual With Best Use Recommendations, Laminated Quick Start Guide, Loving Support

EMF: Overall Average = 0.28mG
Blanket Weight: 12 lbs.
Timer Setting: 5-60 minutes
Blanket Length 71”(measurement from feet to shoulders)
Blanket Maximum Circumference: 62”
1 Year Full Warranty / Lifetime Support
>SGS, RoHS Chemical Certification, CE (EMC, LVD), IEM, Far Infrared Ray, Negative ION

We’re here to help you feel your best. Invigorate your health, with a peaceful mind, knowing that 1Love has your back. When it comes to your Sauna, we don’t want you to worry about hazardous materials and electrical fields. We use the best construction practices to bring you the safest Sauna.

    1Love Sauna Blanket PREMIUM ZERO -BLACK