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Life Changing Health Benefits
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Sauna everyday in the comfort of your home.

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Why 1Love Health?

Discover the numerous health benefits associated with sauna usage, including
detoxification, improved circulation, stress reduction, and relaxation.

Increase Immunity

Detox The Body

Boost Mood

How It Works?


Step into the sauna

Enter the far infrared sauna and lie down comfortably.


Activate the heat

Turn on the sauna's heating elements, which emit far infrared rays.


feel the warmth

Enjoy the soothing experience while following any recommended guidelines.

Results You Can Feel


after the first session

in a far infrared sauna, you may experience an increased sense of relaxation, improved circulation, and possibly some initial detoxification effects as your body begins to eliminate toxins through sweat. You might also feel a boost in mood.


after the second session

you may notice a deeper level of relaxation, further improvement in circulation, increased sweating, and a reduction in muscle tension or soreness. Some individuals report improved sleep quality and a sense of mental clarity.


after the third session

you might notice more efficient sweating and increased comfort during the session. Benefits such as improved skin tone, reduced stress levels, and a greater overall sense of well-being can also become more noticeable.


Reduce Inflammation

Lower total body


Live Longer

Studies show up to a 70% decrease
in cardiovascular disease risk.


Improve Circulation

Experience enhanced full body


Relieve Pain

Attack muscle and joint
pain at its source.


Fight Disease

Slow rates of degenerative disease
such as Alzeheimers.

Discover Your Perfect Match

luxor far infrared sauna dome

Luxor Mat: 72 Bian and 72 Jade Stones

Color: Black

Luxor Mat: 72 Bian and 72 Jade Stones

Color: Black


From $150/mo with

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premium far infrared sauna dome

Premium Mat: 144 Germanium

Color: White

Premium Mat: 144 Germanium

Color: White


From $140/mo with

View sample plans shop now

Revitalizing. Empowering. Relaxing.

Key Features

5-10 Minutes Preheat

194°F Max Temp

Near-zero EMF

Therapeutic Stones

Energy Efficient

Discover Why Our Saunas Stand Out

1Love sauna
Max Temp
Not listed
Not Listed
Multiple Sizes
Must Contact For Pricing (~$2500+)
Must Contact For Pricing (~$2000+)

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Starting at $1,559.00

Free Shipping to the U.S. and Canada

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From $150/mo with

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1 Year Full Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

30 Days Money Back

FSA/HSA Eligible

FDA Approved

Thousands of Happy Customers


I chose the Luxor XL even though I am a small person, and so glad I did. It's taken a few sessions in the sauna dome to really detox and sweat, but the results are amazing. My skin has cleared up, my weight is down. My osteoarthritis has GREATLY improved. My settings are 30 minutes at 77 on all three zones with a 15 minute warm up. Highly recommend to get the Luxor XL.

Lori L Krauss

Far Infrared saunas have been recommended to me by colleagues and personal wellness practitioners for years. Being a chiropractor myself I know that the benefits are incredible. I am thrilled to have found 1Love. Love the dome type sauna to lay down in, love the specific stones that are used, love that it is low EMFs, and love that it is can be stored. And most of all, I love being able to sweat in the colder months. Highly recommend this sauna.

Bruce White

I believe I just made the purchase of a life time. I have a regular sit down sauna which is great but so uncomfortable to sit in.This you lay on your back or your stomach while your surrounded 360 den of healing stones and infared.Today I Used for the first time and I have never sweat like I did today in my other sauna but I never felt like I do now after using this dome sauna.

T. Shawn

I was not convinced....completely sceptical. Just got my 1Love portable Luxor XL delivered and it has been life changing. Sore arms, shoulder, neck, name it I'm sore. After just 3 sessions @ 30 minutes I feel SO RELAXED. I can sleep again!!! It's a bit of an investment but my wife and I LOVE IT! I look forward to EVERY 30-40 minute session it truly is life changing.

Aaron Elam

I liked the fact that the product is so easy to setup, use, and IT DOES ITS JOB!!! IT GET'S REALLY HOT just how I want it and you can really feel the immense positive benefits. Highly recommend!

T. Marie

I love my sauna. I was paying $45/week to get a 35 minute sauna session at a spa. After a few visits I noticed I wasn’t really sweating as much because I became adapted to the heat. The lady at the spa wouldn’t allow me to turn up the settings. So I decided to invest in my own sauna at home. I used it daily during a metal detox for 3 months and now I use it a few times a week.


I don’t usually write reviews unless the product is terrible or incredible. This product is incredible! If you’re on the fence about purchasing it, just buy it!, you won’t be disappointed!90 days of use 4-5 times a week and going strong. The unit is sturdy and well constructed. The half domes are rigid but not too heavy.

Penny M.

I contacted the shop because I had a couple questions but they answered back in a few hours. The unit is sturdy and easy to set up. You will love it!!2 weeks Later-----I just wanted to add that Hands Down---this is the NICEST Company I have ever had to talk to.

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