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Here's Why Everyone is Choosing a Sauna Dome as Their Home Sauna

These are real people with real results. Just showing a few of the reasons we have the #1 best selling sauna dome and personal sauna.
Rated 4.9/5 by Thousands

Profound Benefits

The benefits of a sauna are truly amazing and we provide the easiest way to do it.
Live Longer
Studies have shown up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular disease risk with regular sauna use.
Infrared saunas have shown up to a 30% increase in rate of natural detox when used frequently.
Enhance Circulation
Saunas can allow for high rates of blood flow throughout the entire body. Resulting in numerous different benefits.
Recover The Body
With increased blood flow, improved hormone output and stress reduction, regular sauna use can aid in muscle recovery and building.
Immune Strength
Infrared saunas mimic the effects of a fever in terms of core temperature elevation. This may be able to lower your chance of getting sick.
Hormone Release
Many studies have shown large increases in growth hormone, endorphins and much more.

Compact, Yet More Effective?

Lying down is not only the most comfortable way to sauna, but the most effective. In this lying position, your body is relieved on the demands of gravity and your circulatory system can circulate blood more easily. This may increase heart rate and overall benefits of a sauna.
In many traditional style saunas, you're an uneven distance away from the heating elements. In a sauna dome, you're a consistent, close distance from the heating source. Since far infrared rays effectiveness decreases with distance, this is extremely important and may lead to an overall more intense experience.

Total Convenience

Quick 5-10 Minute Preheat to Maximum Temperatures
Slide Domes Overtop of Each Other For Easy Storage
Under 1 Minute Setup From The Stored Position
Each Section is 15-18lbs to Be Easily Movable

We Bought THESE So You Don't Have to

Spend MORE (Cabin-Style: ~$2000) Get:

  • Overall Poor Build Quality
  • High EMFs & ELFs
  • Large Power Draw (Flips Breakers on Some Circuits)
  • Extremely Inconsistent Heating (Some Areas at 220°F, others at 130°F)
  • Must Hunch Over Due to High Surface Temperature in Some Spots

Spend LESS (Tent-Style: ~$300) Get:

  • Air Temperature Too Low For Health Benefits (Could Not Get Above 95°F)
  • Poor Overall Build Quality (Thin Plastic, Part Breakage)
  • Lots of Moisture Can Lead to Mold
  • Must Stand, Unless You Have a Camp Chair, But This Gets Dirty Very Quickly
  • Thin Plastic Pieces When Heated May Release Toxic VOCs

What We Want, For YOU

You already know the benefits of a sauna are AMAZING, so we want to provide the best possible solution for you to do so. We've created an infrared sauna that allows you to get ALL of the benefits of a sauna in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

The Sauna Dome

Lie Down, Relax & Feel Amazing

Lying down is not only most comfortable, but most optimal for blood flow as the circulatory system is relieved of the demands of gravity.

Close to The Source

With the curved shape, your body is an equal distance from the heating elements, creating an even, intense heat.

The Safest Infrared Sauna

We proudly offer one of the only infrared saunas with 0 EMFs, ELFs & VOCs. Fully lined with copper for grounding.


5-10 minute preheat, under 1 minute setup and extremely easy to store.

We Put Your Health First

  • Fully Lined With Copper For Grounding
  • 0.06mG EMFs
  • 0v/m ELFs
  • Ultra Low VOCs
After spending a year with an electrical engineer to design the internals of our sauna dome, we've finally done it. Fully lined with copper mesh for grounding, this is the first sauna dome to have zero electric fields AND VOCs. Truly nothing comes close.

Up to 3 Year Full Warranty

Includes 1 year full warranty, with an optional 3 year upgrade.

Excellent Customer Support

Well known and recognized customer support team giving you peace of mind.

Best Reviewed Sauna Dome on Amazon

It's no secret we have the best sauna dome, even Amazon agrees.

Check Out Our Setup Video to See it in Action

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