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Summer Markdowns Coming to an End

1Love Health

Cutting-Edge Far Infrared

The Hottest Saunas On The Market

194°F Max Temp
Carbon Heating Elements
Standard 110V Outlet
It's no secret that everyone wants a hot sauna. We decided to create a sauna that has high enough maximum temperatures that even the most experienced sauna users can appreciate. Our sauna dome has a temperature range of 77-194°F.
Improve Heart Health
Studies have found up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular health risk with regular sauna use.
Detox Your Body
Saunas naturally increasing your bodies natural detoxification system.
Increase Immune Function
Sauna raise core temperature which stimulates an improved immune system.
Increase Daily Energy
Regular sauna sessions can make your feel your best and ready to tackle the day.

Near Zero EMF

0.148mG Average EMF
Transparent Testing
Multiple EMF Readers
High levels of EMF can be very dangerous to your health. We are one of the few sauna companies to give actual data and numbers regarding our emf levels. The general standard for safety is under 3mG for prolonged use and under 10mG for short term use.

Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

High Quality Nylon
176°F Max Temp
Three Zone Control
Need the added portability? A sauna blanket may be perfect for you. With our free 30 day returns, fantastic warranties and outstanding customer service, we combine an amazing personal sauna with an amazing company.

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Near-Zero EMFs
Intense 194°F Max Temp
Three Zone Control
The sauna dome is a high quality, professional personal sauna. This works amazingly in both a spa and homes alike. Everyone within our company uses a sauna dome of some model week after week, it is our true pick for a premiere quality sauna.

Saunas For Every Body Type

We take pride in giving everyBODY a perfect far infrared sauna experience. This is why we are the ONLY sauna company to provide different sized personal saunas.

Save Valuable Time

Minimal Preheat Time

5 Minutes For Therapeutic Benefits
10-15 Minutes For Max Temp
The days of waiting 45 minutes for your home sauna to preheat are no longer. While preheating a sauna is unavoidable, we try our best to decrease this time as much as possible. Many cabin-style saunas can take up to an hour to reach maximum temperatures.

Therapeutic Stones

Amplify Far Infrared
Enhance Healing
When heated, therapeutic stones output far infrared. This intensifies the entire far infrared sauna experience. These stones also enhance healing benefits using negative ions.

Countless Health Benefits

Prime Your Metabolism

Regular sauna sessions have been shown to increase metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Improve Cardio

Sauna use has similar affects to a moderate intensity cardiovascular workout.

Enhance Muscle Recovery

Improved blood circulation drives nutrients to parts of the body in need.

Aid in Burning Fat

Increase daily energy output, increase fat burn.
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