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Free Mat Cover With The Purchase of XL Sauna Domes

Cutting-Edge Infrared

1love health

Taking far infrared therapy to the next level with best in class quality, warranties and innovation. Experience 1Love Saunas for 30 days risk free now.
Quality. Transparency. Service.
Built for YOU
Highest temperatures on the market, lowest EMFs, highest quality materials. What's not to love?
No Marketing Gimmicks
We're always honest and always provide accurate testing on all products. The detail is in the specifications.
Outstanding Service
Full comprehensive warranties and the best customer service around—just ask our competitors.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Thousands of Happy Customers

Less Distance, More Intensity

194°F Max Temp
Close to The Source
More Intensity, More Benefit
In a cabin-style sauna, you might be up to 24" away from the Far Infrared heat source. In a dome-style sauna you're only 4-6" away and in direct contact with the mat. Wiith double the Far Infrared output, a 1Love Sauna Dome can achieve 4-8 x greater infrared intensity.
Improve Heart Health
Studies have found up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular health risk with regular sauna use.
Detox Your Body
Saunas naturally boost your body's detoxification system.
Increase Immune Function
Saunas raise your core temperature, stimulating and enhancing your immune system and natural defenses.
Increase Daily Energy
Regular sauna sessions can make you feel your best and ready to tackle the day.




Near-Zero EMFs
176°F Max Temp
Three Zone Control
1Love Sauna Blankets are designed with ZERO EMF, prioritizing your health and safety. They offer unparalleled portability, making them perfect for use anywhere in your home or even on the go. Our blankets are built with durable, non-toxic materials, and provide adjustable heat zones to customize your experience. Enjoy the benefits of infrared heat therapy with ease and convenience, and most of all, peace of mind.


Near-Zero EMFs
Intense 194°F Max Temp
Three Zone Control
Experience ultimate wellness with the 1Love Sauna Dome. Designed for maximum infrared intensity, it delivers deep detoxification and enhanced relaxation. The dome design ensures you're always close to the heat source, maximizing benefits like improved circulation, pain relief, and boosted immunity. Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, it's a safe and effective addition to your health routine. Enjoy easy, at-home infrared therapy with 1Love's superior craftsmanship.
Sauna Blanket
Sauna Domes
Heating Pad
Live Longer
  • Up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular disease risk
  • Improved immune system function
  • Decreased rates of neurodegenerative disease
Muscle and Joint Recovery
  • Deep and pain relieving heat
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased hormone output
Mental Health
  • High output of endorphins
  • Lowered rates of depression
  • Overall brain health increase

Saunas For Every Body Type

Ideal For Most People

Our Standard size dome has faster preheat times and will feel more intense for most people. For an ideal experience, get the sauna that best fits you.

For People Who Need a Little Extra Room

Our Extra Large Dome has faster preheat times and will feel more intense for most people. For an ideal experience, get the sauna that best fits you.

Save Valuable Time

Minimal Preheat Time

5 Minutes For Therapeutic Benefits
10-15 Minutes For Max Temp
The days of waiting 45 minutes for your home sauna to preheat are no longer. While preheating a sauna is unavoidable, we try our best to decrease this time as much as possible. Many cabin-style saunas can take up to an hour to reach maximum temperatures.

Therapeutic Stones

Amplify Far Infrared
Enhance Healing
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