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Free Mat Cover With The Purchase of XL Sauna Domes

Our Story

Greetings, my name is Douglas and I am the proud owner of 1Love Health.Helping people has always been a natural part of who I am. I enjoy making a positive impact on others, even if it's just a small gesture like giving a jump start to someone with a dead car battery. I've been in situations where I've needed assistance, and I'm grateful for those who have helped me along the way.

My previous career was in construction, where I focused on providing the best quality and craftsmanship at the most affordable price. But my body was worn out, and I knew it was time for a change. One day, I stumbled upon a podcast that introduced me to the incredible benefits of far infrared saunas. I was fascinated and determined to create the best and safest far infrared sauna possible.

Thus, 1Love Health was born. It's not just a business for me; it's a passion. Knowing that I'm helping people on a larger scale brings me tremendous joy. When I receive feedback from customers about how much 1Love Saunas have improved their quality of life, I can't help but do a happy dance in our warehouse. It's clear that we're on the right path, and we've evolved our saunas based on customer feedback.

At 1Love Health, our focus is on quality, safety, and effectiveness. If you reach out to us, you'll speak with a beautiful human who genuinely wants to help in any way possible. We believe in treating everyone like family, and we're committed to delivering the best products and service to our customers.

Thank you for considering 1Love Health for your wellness needs. It's been a pleasure to share my story with you, and we hope to hear from you soon.

All my very best, Douglas

Sauna Perfection

Our Design Process

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Optimal Health Benefits
  • Portability
  • Affordability
We design all of our products with the pillars of safety, comfort, portability, health and affordability. We take pride in offering some of the safest far infrared technology on the market, while never sacrificing quality. We believe in creating the best possible product for our customers and are proud of the feedback we have received.

The Customer Is Our Heart

Hearing success stories from our customers is the driving force of our company. Our goal is to change lives for the better and bring the benefits of far infrared to as many people as possible. Here are some stories that hold a special place in our heart.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I'm unable to take the medicine I was on for it anymore. I don't want to take anything stronger because of all the side effects. I bought it for inflammation and pain relief. It definitely has managed my pain. Last weekend I went to visit family in NY. The weather was awful. It rained the entire time. I was wondering how long my pain would be managed without using the sauna. I left on Thursday and continued comfortable until Saturday evening, even in the bad weather. When I got home, I got in for 35 minutes and it gave me instant relief. I've had it for 3 weeks and I am completely satisfied. Best money I ever spent. Oh! also, I've lost 7 pounds.
Using it for overall healing from inside out especially on aches and pains of just being 75 years old! Best health investment I've made so far.
I don’t usually write reviews unless the product is terrible or incredible. This product is incredible! If you’re on the fence about purchasing it, just buy it!, you won’t be disappointed! 90 days of use 4-5 times a week and going strong. The unit is sturdy and well constructed. The half domes are rigid but not too heavy. The mat and outer coverings are high quality and easy to clean. The control unit is industrial strength as are the wires and connectors. The heat is even and fast I am a lover of traditional saunas, but do not have one in my house. I am tempered to say that I almost like this IR sauna more than the traditional sauna for daily use.Other reviews about putting down a towel, ease of cleaning are all spot on.I use the sauna,I unplug it, put it to the side and set it up the next morning, and it’s incredibly convenient.
I was debating if I should buy a walk-in sauna or a dome. I was reluctant at first but opted for this sauna and I am certain it was the absolute best choice! I was worried if it would get hot enough, trust me it does! It conveniently does not take up much room and is easy to assemble and set-up and break down. While using it the first time, I realized how I would probably have not been able to sit in a walk-in sauna for too long because of the dry heat. I was laying down, breathing fresh cool air and still dripping sweat on my face and neck. I have started with 30 minute sessions and hope to work my way up to hotter and longer sessions. I placed my portable speaker nearby with relaxing stress relief music and I felt like I was in a fancy spa in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend!

Customer Satisfaction

We Want You To Love It

  • Lifetime Support
  • 1 Year Full Warranty
  • Top Tier Customer Support
  • 30 Day Returns
We truly believe in treating our customers as we do family and friends. We will support you in every aspect of the sauna buying process. Ask any questions you may have to our lovely staff and we will be there for you.
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