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Far Infrared Heating Pad | For Back and Neck

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Transforming Heat Therapy

Experience DEEP RELIEF from neck and back pain. Upgrade your self-care: RELAX and help your body RECOVER with the POWER of Far Infrared technology and Therapeutic Stones.
  • 77-176°F Intensity
  • Uses Standard 110V Outlet
  • 5-8 Minute Preheat Time
  • Fully Ergonomic
  • Comfortable Neoprene

Far Infrared Tuned to Your Body

  • Tuned To 4-15μM
  • 2-3" Deep Relief
  • Tuned For Your Body's Natural Frequency
  • Intense Immersion to Relieve Sore Muscles
Far infrared heating pads can truly transform your recovery routine. Relax knowing you're using heat therapy that can actually make a difference, with heat down to muscles and joints to relieve pain permanantly.

Sizing For EveryBODY

  • 18"x27"
  • 30% larger than the competition.
  • 3x more therapeutic stones surface area.
  • Extended upper back coverage.
This far infrared heating pad is ergonommically designed to have optimal coverage where ever you choose to use it.
Made with non-toxic materials to provide minimal VOC release.
Highly Durable Neoprene
High density neoprene for optimal longevity and comfort.
Environmentally Friendly
Built with environmentally friendly materials.
Built to Last a Lifetime
Implement this apart of your daily routine, it can take it.

Take Far Infrared Therapy Anywhere

  • Comes with convenient nylon carrying bag.
  • Fits anywhere you choose.
  • Can be stored under a bed, in a drawer or backpack.
Our far infrared heating pad comes with a carrying bag to unsure you can bring heat therapy with you anywhere you choose.

Total Versatility

  • Multi-purpose
  • Lumber Relief
  • Abdominal Cramping Relief
  • Upper Back and Neck Relief
While this heating pad was designed for optimal upper back and neck coverage, it still excells in other positions. Turning it upsidedown works phenominally on the lower back and glutes. Even placing it on your stomach can help provide deep relief.

Therapeutic Stones

  • Enhance Far Infrared Output
  • Experience Eastern Medicine Healing
  • Releases Negative Ions For Detox
  • Increase Sauna Intensity
When heated, therapeutic stones release far infrared, amplifying the overall intensity of far infrared output. These stones have also been used in eastern medicine for centuries as a form of healing and detoxification.
  • Dimensions
    • Dimensions: 18"x27"

    • Fully Adjustable

    • Maximal Coverage

  • Stones
    • Therapeutic Stones release Far Infrared when heated and offer Eastern Medicine benefits.

    • 52 Jade

  • Power
    • 110V USA Type B Plug

    • Powerful 80W Protected Controller

    • Timer: 1-60 minutes (beep when complete)

  • Far Infrared
    • ZERO EMF Carbon Fiber Far Infrared

    • Tuned to 4-15um to precisely resonate with your body

    • Note: Far Infrared ONLY (no near infrared)

  • Temperature
    • 77-176°F / 25-80°C

    • This temperature range is perfect during cold winter months, allowing you to wear whatever you want and still achieve full benefits.

  • Material
    • Non-Abrasive, High Density Neoprene

    • Detachable Cable

    • Certifications: SGS, RoHS Chemical, CE (EMC, LVD), IEM, Far Infrared Ray, Negative ION

What's Included

Far infrared heating pads are truly revolutionary in the methods that they heat the body. Traditional electric heating pads simply heat using convection through skin contact. This creates a very surface-level heat. An infrared heat pad can penetrate inches below the skins surface. This means you will actually increase blood flow and circulation to areas such as muscles, joints and tendons. With a traditional electric heating pad this is not possible.

Since infrared heating pads penetrate below the skins surface for deep relief, they certainly help reduce muscle pain, muscle tension, joint stiffness, arthritis and can simply provide overall pain relief when alternatives can't.

Far infrared heating pads when done correctly are extremely safe. Our infared heating pads are very low EMF to ensure a safe experience. When reviewing traditional heating pads, we have found their EMF levels to be sometimes even 50 times higher than ours. With the use of carbon heating elements, and optimal EMF shielding, we are able to acheive true safety.

Far infrared heat therapy plays a vital role is promoting healing to the effected areas. Generally we recommend roughly 20 minute minimum sessions of far infrared therapy to increase blood flow to the intended areas to the fullest extent. This process can be repeated throughout each day. The design of our far infrared heating pad allows for this to be totally reasonable since you could use it even while sitting in a computer chair.

When struggling with an injury, or general aches and pains, it is important to use the correct therapy for the goal. Cold therapy is able to restrict blow flow and reduce inflammation. When an acute injury is present, it may be more beneficial to use cold therapy to reduce the inflammation at first. Once the inflammation has left, then switch to heat therapy where you can continue to relieve pain, but also promote healing across the area. When using any sort of heat therapy, we always will recommend using far infared, the infrared light is able to truly provide deep relief rather than just surface level.

If you're having issues such as muscle pain, muscle spasms, joint stiffness or any sort of chronic pain, it may be more beneficial to use infrared heat therapy over cold therapy. Especially in the case of struggling with muscle tension, infrared heat therapy can relief the surrounding areas of all of the built up tension through increased blood circulation. Think of infared heat therapy as a method of promoting healing and relieving the tensions within the body.

Our infrared pad comes with a conveient travel bag, along with a small controller for fully adjustable temperatures. This means you can take the benefits of far infared heat anywhere you choose.

Near infrared is becoming increasingly popular with heating pads; however the purpose of far infrared technology and near infrared technology is entirely different. Far infrared rays are meant to penetrate deep below the skins surface via long far infared wavelengths, to promote deep healing. Near infrared has much shorter infrared rays and is mainly used for skin, but technology for that is very new, without tons of research, so we stay away from it.

Our heating pads contain therapeutic stones. These stones emit far infrared rays when heated. This means the overall output of the far infared heating pad will be much greater for further pain relief. These stones also emit negative ions which help boost mood through the release of seratonin and endorphins. This truly helps make our heating pad the best heating pad that's out there.

While this infrared heating pad is designed to fit on the neck and upper back, this can be oriented in different ways for other healing purposes. When turning the heating pad upsidedown, it can be used for lower back pain relief, along with glute and hamstring tightness relief. Additionally, this can be used across the midsection for issues such as menstrual cramps or simply overall tightness.

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