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Tips for Incorporating an Infrared Sauna Into Your Exercise

Tips for Incorporating an Infrared Sauna Into Your Exercise

It's easier than you may think!

Thanks to the healing benefits of infrared sauna sessions, they can be a welcome addition to many workout routines. Of course, your exercise routine may already be very precise and personalized, so how do you find the right way to introduce sauna sessions to the mix? Plan your new routine today using these tips for incorporating an infrared sauna into your exercise.

Find a Design That Fits Perfectly

One of the best tips to remember is that you don’t have to go to a public sauna, nor do you need to install a large-scale sauna at home. Our portable Far infrared saunas at 1Love Health come in various sizes so that you can easily incorporate a high-quality sauna into your home and reap the benefits whenever you need to recover. If you want to recover away from your usual workout area, you can rely on the portability of our at-home sauna. As you’ll learn below, recovery is one of the best reasons to introduce this type of sauna into your regular routine.

Test Drive the Sauna and Reflect

A helpful tip for incorporating an infrared sauna into your exercise is to test your sauna when it arrives. That way, you can schedule it into your exercise, knowing precisely how it makes your body feel and how you should cool down afterward. For example, showering and hydrating are common ways to relax after a sauna session. Don’t hesitate to adjust your sauna techniques to find the perfect routine. From drinking more water to sitting in the sauna for less time, you need to find your rhythm so that you can make the most out of every workout.

Consider the Recovery Benefits

When figuring out how to incorporate the infrared sauna into your routine, consider your post-workout routine. You have to help your body recover after a workout session, which is why hydrating afterward is so important. However, studies have shown that infrared sauna sessions are helpful after recovering from a maximal endurance performance. Schedule time after your next exercise routine to relax in the infrared sauna and experience its soothing benefits.

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