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What Should You Wear in a Sauna?

What Should You Wear in a Sauna?

Find some things you should NEVER wear into a sauna

Key Takeaways:

  • In an Infrared Sauna, wear as little clothes as possible.

  • Sauna suits are not very effective.

  • Avoid wearing metal in saunas.

  • Don't take your electronics into the sauna with you, just relax!

Sauna attire will heavily depend on the type of sauna used, as well as common sauna etiquette if you're using a public sauna. Weather you're using a traditional sauna, a steam room or an infrared sauna, your attire will vary in order to achieve maximum benefits. Generally speaking, it is recommended to wear minimum clothing in an infrared sauna, this matters less in a traditional sauna. When it comes to electronics, this is going to depend on waterproofing of the product, as well as the heat capacity that it could handle.

What Should You Avoid Wearing in Any Sauna?

  • Metal Necklaces

  • Earrings

  • Piercings

  • Metal Aglets

  • Metal Bracelets

  • Metal Anklets

Saunas, regardless of the heating element, create a very hot environment. This means it is absolutely necessary to avoid wearing any sort of metal objects such as jewelry. Even piercings may become uncomfortable as they heat and touch the body. Furthermore, you should also avoid wearing any dirty clothes especially in a public setting. Since everyone is sweating immensely you want to keep this environment clean everyone is breathing in the air and skin pores are wide open.

Should I Bring My Phone in a Sauna?

Once again, saunas create a very hot atmosphere, especially in traditional saunas. This air is extremely hot and could put your electronics at risk. It is important to leave electronics such as phones or air pods outside of the sauna to prevent them from getting too much heat. Additionally, they could be damaged in a wet sauna setting simply from the accumulation of moisture in the devices. Far infrared saunas create a dry atmosphere that does not nearly feel as hot because the infrared rays directly heat the body, rather than the air. This means, if you were to take any risk with bringing your phone or electronics into a sauna, bring them into a far infrared sauna. Overall, it is best to avoid taking electronics into any sauna.

What Should You Wear in a Sauna?

hot steam in sauna

In most sauna environments, it should be advised to wear as minimal clothing as possible. The importance in the amount of clothing will vary based on the type of sauna used. If you're using a traditional sauna that uses electric stoves or even a steam sauna, the amount of clothing is not quite as important as it would be in an infrared sauna. In an infrared sauna, infrared rays penetrate deep into the body to heat it from within, any barriers to this will actually cause you to sweat slightly less. This means that if you were to wear a shirt and shorts in a traditional sauna you may sweat the same amount, but in an infrared sauna you would be able to notice that you less than you would normally.

When it comes to minimal clothing, it is important to be aware of the environment you're in. In a public setting, it may be more socially acceptable to wear more clothing than simply a towel or nude. This is just one reason why home saunas are so great, you can wear whatever you choose in order to maximize all benefits.

Should You Wear a Sauna Suit?

Sauna suits should never be worn in a regular sauna. These suits are separate to regular saunas and could simply be dangerous to wear in an actual sauna environment. Furthermore, even in an infrared sauna these suits would not be very effective because it would be harder for the infrared rays to reach deep into the body.

Gym Sauna Etiquette

Having a sauna at your local gym can be an amazing addition to any workout or health routine. You can leverage the benefits of decreased muscle soreness, decreased recovery time and improved overall performance.

What You Should Do in a Gym Sauna

  1. Shower before getting in. You should always try your best to keep your local gym environment clean for everyone, this includes the sauna.
  2. Respect everyone's space. Some gym saunas can be rather small, it is important to try your best to let everyone in there relax and enjoy their experience.
  3. Hydrate. If you're using the sauna right after a workout it is very important to hydrate before getting in. You are likely already a bit dehydrated after your workout, a sauna will only escalate this.

What You Shouldn't Do in a Gym Sauna

  1. Don't talk loudly. The sauna, even in a gym environment is typical a place to relax. Try not to disturb other people in the sauna with conversation.
  2. Don't wear metal objects. Metals such as metal jewelry on your body can get extremely hot and burn the skin.
  3. Don't go nude. In public saunas in generally you should at least wrap a towel around you as a common courtesy. Sauna spas may be an exception to this, but typically not gym saunas.
  4. Don't bring electronics. Avoid bringing any electronics into the sauna. This only serves as a distraction and could potentially damage the phone or other device.

Sauna Spa Etiquette

The etiquette inside of a sauna spa is actually quite similar to a different spa due to the public setting. The main difference comes down to the type of people that use each. In a sauna spa, most people are simply looking for a place to relax and recover. This should be taken into a account before using one.

What You Should Do in a Sauna Spa?

  1. Shower before getting in. You should always respect the cleanliness of other in public environments so be sure to shower prior to use.
  2. Respect everyone's space. Since relaxation is huge with sauna spas, it is even more important to be aware of everyone's personal space.
  3. Hydrate. No matter where you choose to sauna, it is always important to hydrate before using to ensure you will not be dehydrated.
  4. Learn clothing policies.Public sauna spas typically have a clothing policy that you should follow before getting in. Make sure you're fully aware of this entering, in order to respect everyone's space.

What You Shouldn't Do in a Sauna Spa?

  1. Don't talk to friends. With this setting of sauna it is important to maintain peace and serenity, avoid talking unless everyone is gladly involved.
  2. Don't wear metal objects. Metals such as metal jewelry on your body can get extremely hot and burn the skin.
  3. Don't bring electronics. Avoid bringing any electronics into the sauna. This only serves as a distraction and could potentially damage the phone or other device.

Should You Shower After a Sauna?

hot steam in sauna

While high temperatures do kill many germs within a sauna, the constant pooling of sweat can make it hard to keep a public sauna clean. Sauna bathing in a public setting is generally accompanied by a shower right after to keep clean, but if you choose to avoid a shower, it may cause your skin to break out. Saunas in general do benefit the skin as they open the pores and release toxins, but it is always necessary to shower after a sauna.

Why Choose a Private Sauna?

  • Cleanliness

  • Privacy

  • Comfortability

  • Accessibility

  • Sauna Time

  • Adjustability

When learning about the benefits of minimal clothing in a sauna session, it may mean that you will feel much more comfortable in a private sauna for longer periods of time in order to get all of the health benefits sauna sessions have to offer. In a private home sauna, sauna users can simply sauna naked if they choose. This means that the days of having to wear sweaty gym clothes are over. With a home sauna you can sauna however you choose, whenever you choose as for however long you want. This are all extremely important because in order to leverage all of the benefits of a sauna session, you need to use it frequently and for roughly 15-20 minutes each time.

Total Relaxation

Man relaxing in a far infrared sauna

In additional to accessibility, with a total private sauna, the sauna experience is heavily elevated because all distractions are eliminated and full relaxation can take place. This sort of relaxation allows for the full benefits of sauna usage such as better regulated blood pressure, weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and many more.

Sauna Temperature Control

Should you wear shoes in a sauna? No!

When choosing a private home sauna, it also allows you to choose the temperature range that best fits you. Typically, in a public sauna, the temperatures are not within your control. This means if you become quite the experienced sauna user, high temperatures may be necessary in order for you to be fully satisfied. Having a home sauna will allow you to adjust the temperatures exactly to your liking and benefit.

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