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Home Gyms NEED a Sauna

Home Gyms NEED a Sauna

Having a sauna in your home can be much easier than you may think

Key Takeaways:

  • Far infrared is the best option for an at-home sauna.

  • You may even get more benefit out of a portable sauna, than you would from a cabin-style sauna.

  • Many portable saunas can use a standard 110V outlet.

  • Home saunas allow regular people to truly leverage all the benefits that a sauna has to offer, from the comfort of their own home.

As saunas are emerging in popularity, we are obtaining more crucial information on how well they can promote several health benefits. Lowered risk of sudden cardiac death, Alzheimer's and many other diseases is a prominent reason to look into infrared saunas. Many people try to find a local gym with a traditional sauna or steam sauna to take advantage of, but, why not implement one into the comfort of your own home or garage? There are tons of upside sides to having an at-home sauna such as:

  • Total Privacy

  • Temperature control

  • Cleanliness

  • Accessibility

  • Frequency of use

  • Affordability

Can I Put a Sauna In My Garage?

Absolutely! Portable saunas especially are great for this. Most portable saunas use a standard 110v outlet which can be plugged into all garage areas. This is an awesome addition to any home gym. Home saunas, especially when connected to a home gym allow you to have a sauna session post workout to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits and reduce muscle soreness. Portable saunas offer a great value with total accessibility, especially when placed in a home gym.

What Type of Sauna Should I look For?

As modern technology progresses, science continually leans toward the health benefits of far infrared saunas. There are other options such as traditional saunas or steam saunas, but there are a couple of things to consider with each of them, especially if you're considering adding them to your home gym.

Far Infrared Saunas

Far infrared saunas work differently than most other saunas. They directly heat the body, rather than simply heating the air around you, or releasing hot and humid air. This means that getting into a far infrared sauna will not be as shocking. The air will not feel extremely hot, but you certainly will heat up and sweat more than ever. These types of dry saunas allow for you to choose a comfortable desired temperature, while unlocking deep relief within your internal body. These types of heating elements maximize blood flow and circulation throughout the body, for optimal health benefits. Some of the best portable saunas also come in this option, because the heating elements can be smaller and simply be plugged into a standard outlet.

Traditional Saunas

Dry saunas or traditional Finnish saunas use a combination of hot rocks and water to create a hot and humid environment. These saunas generally need to be quite large, which will require a substantial amount of floor space. These saunas generally have a higher maximum temperature than infrared saunas, but they tend to take longer to bring the body to a high core temperature, due to the nature of the heating elements. These types of dry saunas generally heat the skin first, opposed to the entire body from within, which will mean that the air inside will be quite hot. This can leave some people feeling anxious and uncomfortable from breathing such hot air.

Steam Saunas

Steam saunas release hot steam to heat an environment. These create an extremely humid atmosphere and generally don't feel quite as hot as infrared or traditional saunas. These focus on breathing in the hot steam to help with the respiratory system. These will also generally come at a bigger investment. These can be had indoor or outdoor, but they are not very portable and come with a large space commitment. Benefits such as improved circulation, deep muscular recovery and elevated core temperature will happen to a lesser extent with this type of heat.

Far Infrared Saunas Are Truly The Best For a Home Gym

Infrared saunas, especially portable saunas, are convenient and able to connect through a simple 110v outlet. They are also able to store away quickly so that they don't take up much living space. This type of heat also truly does provide the most benefits. All the benefits you will find in other types of saunas you will find with these, but to a greater extent. Far infrared saunas are able to comfortably and safely heat the core body to release tons of benefits such as stress relief, pain relief, relaxation and many more.

Far Infrared Takes Up Less Space

simple sauna storage for at home sauna use

With carbon fiber far infrared heating elements, you can compact saunas into very portable sizes. In combination with great EMF-blocking material, you can expect to find far infrared saunas at any size that fits your needs.

Far Infrared Is the Easiest to Control

far infrared sauna with zone control

Far infrared runs off of electricity so it is extremely easy to adjust temperature settings. You could benefit from far infrared at temperatures of even 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The human body becomes heat-adapted with prolonged saunas usage. This means you will need to increase the temperature as you body becomes more used to the heat therapy. With a far infrared sauna this is accessible at the click of a button for you. Our far infrared saunas can be adjusted up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, this will be hot enough for even the most experienced sauna users.

Far Infrared Makes For a Great Indoor Sauna With No Moisture

home sauna with no moisture

Indoor saunas or even saunas in garages need to have a few constraints. If you wanted to place your personal sauna inside of your house, it would be important to reduce or at least contain any moisture to avoid mold at all costs. With far infrared, these saunas are completely dry and do not release any moisture that could be harmful for your home, this makes for a great indoor sauna. Steam saunas and even traditional dry saunas can have some moisture associated with them and this certainly should be accounted for when searching for the perfect indoor sauna. Steam saunas will generally be more fit for outdoor saunas.

Saunas and Your Budget

saunas and budgets

Far infrared saunas allow you to save money with total cost as well as installation efforts or fees. As stated before, general cabin saunas that are not portable, require a larger space commitment which will take out of your budget or space. Far Infrared saunas can truly cover the entire budget spectrum. Getting a portable far infrared sauna or even a far infrared sauna blanket will generally be the best budget option. If money is not an issue, these far infrared saunas can also come in large cabin style offerings. When considering these options, steam or traditional saunas, are generally much higher priced.

Keep Your Head Out

portable infrared sauna dome, a man laying inside with his head out

Some people may simply find the need to stick their head out when using a traditional sauna, simply because of how hot the air inside is. Our heads don't have much meat or insulation on them, so they can feel quite hot quite quickly. Generally, the top of our heads serve as heat dissipation, which when this is blocked, can make your feel much hotter than you are. This makes for it to be very hard to reach optimal sauna session duration for health. General recommendations for health benefits with sauna use stem from 20 minute minimum sessions. This is very hard for most people when trying to use a cabin style sauna! This is why we have made portable saunas that allow you to keep your head out.

Portable saunas that allow you to keep your head out make it as easy as possible to achieve all of the benefits that sauna use has to offer. With your head out, you can stay in the sauna for much longer periods of time. This is important because research suggests that as sauna use and health benefits have a linear relationship.

Portable saunas are generally also retractable saunas which makes for ease of use. You can simply retract the sauna dome, lay down, then slide the dome over you. This makes for a very comfortable and easy experience.

Is a Portable Sauna Effective?

Does size matter in a sauna? Some people tend to assume that due to the size of the sauna, it may be less effective. A portable sauna can actually be just as effective as a large, cabin style sauna. In many cases they can actually be more beneficial. In a portable sauna you body is much closer to the far infrared light. Sauna design is very important in this, but in the larger, cabin-style saunas, you are often several feet away from the source of the far infrared rays. This essentially acts as a barrier and your body will absorb less far infrared. The only downside of a smaller, personal sauna is simply the space; however, laying down is a very optimal and comfortable position to where you can properly leverage being close to the far infrared heating elements.

Can an Infrared Sauna Go Outside?

outdoor sauna

Infrared saunas can truly be placed anywhere, especially if they're a portable sauna. Portable saunas allow you to simply sauna wherever you please that has a standard electrical outlet. Nice day outside? Have a sauna session and be in the sun at the same time. Home saunas or personal saunas are truly incredible in their versatility, while it may be necessary to avoid getting your sauna covered in rain, they can pretty much go wherever you choose. With even further portability, you could opt for an infrared sauna blanket, to truly take your sauna experience anywhere.

Is it Really That Easy to Have Your Own Sauna at Home?

Having a home sauna is truly attainable with modern sauna technology. Choosing far infrared should be your first choice for its easy of use, total control, portability and maximal benefits. If you choose to opt for a portable sauna, you may even be able to experience more benefits as you will be closer to the far infrared rays. In addition, a portable sauna allows you to take your sauna experience anywhere, evening creating an outdoor sauna for yourself. Take the leap and look into purchasing this awesome technology.

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