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Portable Sauna Tent vs. Sauna Dome: Choosing the Perfect Portable Sauna Experience

Portable Sauna Tent vs. Sauna Dome: Choosing the Perfect Portable Sauna Experience

Find out the pros and cons of the some of the most popular portable saunas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both options can easily fit within most homes.

  • Sauna domes are higher quality, but generally higher priced.

  • Sauna domes are far more comfortable.

  • Portable sauna tents may emit harmful VOCs for long periods of time.

Portable saunas have revolutionized the way we enjoy sauna therapy, providing flexibility and convenience for wellness enthusiasts.

Two popular options in the market are portable sauna tents and portable sauna domes. In this article, we'll compare these two types of portable saunas, highlighting their unique features, benefits, and considerations to help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect portable sauna for your needs.

What is a Portable Infrared Sauna Tent?


  • Affordable

  • Can have your hands out in some models


  • Generally high VOC materials used

  • Typically lower maximum temperature

  • Not a lot of EMF protection from the heating element

  • Not very comfortable

Portable sauna tents typically fall under two different categories.

One type, which will be mostly covered in this article, is a smaller, more affordable option where you typically have your head out of the sauna and the enclosure it zipped up to your head. It also uses infrared heat to create a sauna experience rather than being one of the steam saunas.

This type of sauna is very common, but relatively uncomfortable for many.

The other prominent type is a larger tent where multiple people can go inside of it and are fully immersed. This is a solid alternative to a larger, traditional, cabin-style sauna, but will not be covered in this article.

What is a Portable Infrared Sauna Dome?

far infrared sauna dome for sauna bathing while laying down


  • Quality sauna domes are very low EMF

  • Easy set up

  • Optimal body position

  • High maximum temperature

  • 3 zone temperature control


  • Less space than a sauna tent

  • Slightly more expensive than an infrared sauna tent

  • Each section may be heavier to move

A sauna dome is a portable infrared sauna that is in the shape of a dome, where you can have your head out the entire time. These are very easy to store and set up as they only have a few pieces and can slide over your body with ease.

Design and Portability:

infrared personal sauna for home

Portable Sauna Tent:

  • A portable sauna tent typically resembles a small pop-up tent with a frame covered by a heat-resistant fabric.

  • This typically includes one infrared heater and a chair to sit on. Typically this chair is just a simple wooden chair, which isn't too comfortable.

  • The portable sauna tents that we will talk about today refer to the smaller tents, where you can have your head out. These are also typically an infrared sauna.

Portable Sauna Dome:

  • A portable sauna dome is designed as a compact, dome-shaped enclosure made from high-quality materials.

  • It provides a snug fit around the body, ensuring efficient heat distribution and maximizing the sauna experience.

  • Due to its compact size, it is highly portable and can be easily transported and stored.

Heating Technology:

Portable Sauna Tent:

  • Utilizes infrared heating panels or carbon fiber heating elements placed strategically within the tent to emit heat.

  • The heat is evenly distributed throughout the tent, but it must be fully zipped up to your neck to ensure optimal heat retention.

  • This heating element is typically exposed very close to the body, lending it to higher EMF levels in some cases.

Portable Sauna Dome:

  • Incorporates infrared heating panels or radiant heat emitters within the dome structure to generate heat.

  • These heating panels are layered into the dome itself and like 1Love's, they come with amazing EMF shielding.

  • The shape of the dome allows for efficient heat circulation and deep penetration into the body, enhancing the therapeutic effects of the sauna.

Comfort and User Experience:

Portable Sauna Tent:

  • Typically comes with a wooden chair to sit on which may be quite uncomfortable.

  • Some may have cut outs for your hands which is a bonus, but also need to zip all the way up to your neck for heat sealing.

  • Some tents have you place the heating element under the chair, which can be quite hot around your legs.

Portable Sauna Dome:

  • Provides a more immersive and cocoon-like experience, enveloping the body with heat.

  • The compact design helps retain heat and creates a sauna session that feels more intense and focused.

  • Laying down in an infrared sauna is a very optimal position for circulation throughout the body.

  • This position releases the body of any demands on gravity, which creates better circulation than other sauna positions.

Heating Time and Efficiency:

Portable Sauna Tent:

  • Depending on the model, sauna tents generally take a few minutes to reach the desired temperature.

  • The larger interior space may require a longer warm-up time to achieve the desired heat levels.

Portable Sauna Dome:

  • Sauna domes heat up relatively quickly due to their compact size and concentrated heating elements.

  • The dome shape helps retain heat efficiently, resulting in a shorter warm-up time and energy-efficient sauna sessions.

Versatility and Additional Features:

Portable Sauna Tent:

  • Some sauna tents offer additional features like removable foot pads, built-in pockets for smartphones or tablets, and convenient storage compartments for towels or essential oils.

  • Users can customize their sauna experience by adding accessories such as sauna chairs or foot massagers.

Portable Sauna Dome:

  • Some sauna domes come with digital control panels that allow users to adjust temperature settings, timer functions, and even select specific heat programs.

  • On many dome style saunas, you can fully adjust the temperature 1 degree at a time, whereas this is less common in sauna tent varieties.

The Bottom Line

Both portable sauna tents and portable sauna domes offer unique advantages for sauna enthusiasts seeking a convenient and effective way to enjoy sauna therapy.

When choosing between the two, consider factors such as design preference, portability, heating technology, comfort, and additional features.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences, space limitations, and desired sauna experience.

Whichever option you choose, incorporating a portable sauna into your wellness routine can provide numerous benefits, including relaxation, detoxification, improved circulation, and overall well-being.

In short, infrared sauna tents may be quite uncomfortable for many people and typically are made with materials that retain high VOC emission levels. They are still relatively light weight and can be easy to set up.

Dome saunas truly are the better option for most people as they allow the body to be in its most relaxed position, while also having overall better build quality.

Portable Infrared Sauna Options

We are a company that specializes in portable far infrared saunas that are made with intention and quality.

Our saunas are also near-zero EMFs, made with high quality, long lasting materials, backed with an amazing warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

far infrared home sauna

This option is one of our best option for infrared saunas and provides a truly amazing experience. With a maximum temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit, an amazing warranty, customer service and quality, what's no to love?

Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

infrared sauna blanket

Our far infrared sauna blanket is made with a highly durable nylon that is water resistance and built to last a lifetime. With a max temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a great option for anyone looking for an easy and portable design.

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