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Who Shouldn't Sauna?

Who Shouldn't Sauna?

There are only a few critical mistakes someone can make when it comes to sauna timing, learn about them here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contraindications stem from heat exposure and increased blood flow.

  • Be cautious if you have a heart condition.

  • Always be hydrated before sauna.

  • Avoid alcohol prior to sauna use.

While regular sauna use can truly improve health and longevity, there still are people who may have adverse effects to sauna bathing.

Does The Type of Sauna Matter For Sauna Contraindications?

Generally speaking, the type of sauna won't be much of factor to weather you're able to use one or not. The act of elevating core temperature, increasing blood flow and heart rate is what may cause a small amount of people some difficulties.

Do You Fall Under These Categories? - Avoid Sauna

  • Pregnant women

  • Recent heart attacks or stroke

  • Issues with low blood pressure

  • Recent alcohol consumption

  • Ask a doctor if you have any sort of heart disease or condition

  • Infectious disease

  • Currently experiencing fever

Heat Intolerance

headache when using a sauna

Heat intolerance is a condition that may be associated with people that have a heart condition, skin disorder, alcohol use disorder or diabetes. Studies have also found that people dealing with multiple sclerosis may see worse with heat exposure.

Many people that struggle with heat intolerance, will already struggle with normal, outside summer temperatures and may see adverse effects of even exposure to the sun.

Symptoms of Heat Intolerance

  • Excessive sweating (In normal atmospheres)

  • Not sweating enough

  • Exhaustion or fatigue during summer weather

  • Changes in mood when exposure to heat

  • Nausea, vomiting or lightheadedness

Blood Flow Issues

Increased blood flow is another huge component of sauna bathing. This increased blood flow and circulation is highly beneficial for many people, but can cause issues for some.

If you are someone who has conditions that contribute to very poor blood flow throughout your body such as chronic hypotension, you should consult a medical professional before any sauna use.

Issues within the heart's arteries such as aortic stenosis could also lead to issues with sauna use, due to the increased circulation that a sauna brings.

Short Term Scenarios or Conditions

sauna users should avoid alcohol prior to regular sauna bathing
  • Alcohol consumption

  • Pregnancy

  • Serious sunburn

  • Large open wounds

  • High amounts of caffeine

  • Fever

Short term instances where you should avoid sauna stem from the basic functions that a sauna provides, increased core body temperature and increased circulation.

Alcohol consumption and high amounts of caffeine contribute to dehydrating the body. In some scenarios, especially with alcohol, it may be very difficult or take time to recover the body's natural hydration levels. In this instance, sauna should be avoided in the short term.

Lacerations or issues with the skin need to be taken care prior to sauna use, primarily to avoid infection or further inflammation such as with a severe sunburn.

In a feverish state, core body temperature is already elevated, meaning a sauna should be avoided until you're properly recovery and the fever is gone.

Acute Negative Reactions

  • Dehydration

  • Nausea with detox

  • Minimal sweating

  • Tired feeling

Saunas not only allow the body to sweat and increase blood flow which drives nutrients throughout the body, they also detox the body of harmful chemicals. All of these factors could lead to possible discomfort with sauna bathing, but are avoidable.

It is extremely important that you are properly hydrated prior to sauna use. We recommend at least 32oz of water per 30 minute session you will do. Improper hydration could lead to feeling lightheaded, nauseous and cause little sweating.

Without a healthy gut or body, detox, especially with infrared saunas can cause adverse reactions for a short period of time. If you're someone struggling with a gut issue such as leaky gut, gut binders and other precautions should be taken to help rid the body of those harmful chemicals and assist the infrared sauna in doing its job.

Health Benefits

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Reduced muscle soreness

  • Lowers symptoms of high blood pressure

  • Helps improve chronic pain

  • Improves brain health and mental clarity

  • Improve skin health

While there are some people who shouldn't sauna, this population is only a very small amount. The potential health benefits of sauna are truly amazing and can transform the trajectory of your life.

Far infrared saunas in specific, are able to drive heat and blood flow deep into the body. This allows for a much more comfortable experience as air temperature outside of the body will not be nearly as harsh as with traditional saunas. There has been thousands of miraculous studies on infrared sauna use and regular sauna use in general, they are truly transformative within the health space. Here is our recommendation for you:

reduce cardiovascular disease with sauna

1Love far infrared saunas are engineered to perform, allowing you to maximize health benefits within the comfort of your own home. Don't have the space? Store it upright and it will fit into any corner of your home.

Consult a Medical Professional

At 1Love we truly care for your safety. While we have put thought into this article, we also always recommend if you have health conditions and are unsure if a sauna is right for you, talk with your doctor or medical professional for the final say.

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