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Should I Sauna Before or After a Workout?

Should I Sauna Before or After a Workout?

Sauna and workout timing are heavily preference based, but here are some tips to support you

Sauna use is most commonly performed post-workout; however there are of course some benefits of using it pre-workout. While the timing of sauna use is preference based, generally it is better to sauna post-workout. There are a couple of factors to consider when planning your next sauna session. The use of a sauna causes increases in hormone secretion. This can be leveraged to help aid in muscle recovery. Not only that, the increase in blood flow can help decrease muscle soreness after workout sessions. In the same breath, oftentimes people can be dehydrated post-workout which can have risks if a sauna is used without proper hydration. It is important to note whenever you sauna you should make sure that you are properly hydrated.

Pre-workout Sauna

Using a sauna pre-workout can definitely still have its benefits. When used in short sessions it can prime the body for the workout by increasing circulation and blood flow throughout. In addition to this, you will still get the benefits of hormone secretion as this last often a couple of hours after. The downsides to sauna use pre-workout stem from using it for too long and dehydrating yourself. If you sauna for too long prior to a hard workout you can find yourself in a game of catch up with hydration that could leave you not feeling your best.

Post-workout Sauna

Using a sauna after working out can benefit the muscle recovery process. The increased circulation can give blood and oxygen to parts of the body that need nutrition driven to them. The main downside of using a sauna post workout is dehydration. To get the benefits of the improved circulation it may take at least 10 minutes of use for this to occur, this can leave you extremely dehydrated, if you did not refuel after the workout itself(1). Having an at-home sauna can help aid this. Having a sauna at home allows you to refuel with food and water on your way home prior to your sauna sessions which will set you up for recovery-filled sauna therapy.

Is it Better to Sauna in The Morning or at Night?

If you can pretty much sauna pre or post workout and still get the benefits, what time of day would be best? While this subject may also come down to personal preference, we often find that people prefer to sauna earlier in the morning so they can utilize the release of hormones and endorphins to help kick start their day feeling amazing. Truly, the best way to do this is with an at-home portable sauna.

1. Physical Therapy Central, “The benefits (and drawbacks) of hitting the sauna after working out, according to pros”, 03-June-2022.
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