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Common Sauna Questions

Wipe the Mat dry after each use. This is not always necessary when using a towel when you Sauna.

For occasional sanitizing, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray (mist) the solution on your SAUNA, let sit for a few minutes, and then wipe dry. The smell of the vinegar will dissipate with ventilation. You can also add a bit of lemon, or a drop of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oils.
The less you have on the better. Bare skin allows the Far Infrared rays to penetrate your body with less resistance. We recommend an absorbent towel down for each use, for comfort and ease of clean up. Using a towel does not negate any of the FIR going into your body, but make sure to preheat with the towel in place.
Our proprietary Zero EMF technology removes almost all of the EMF. 1Love Saunas are not completely EMF free, however our testing shows they fall WELL BELOW recommended safe levels! Our extensive tests indicate that you will receive a consistent exposure of 0.15mG while using our Sauna Domes and 0.28mG while using 1Love Sauna Blankets—up to 23 times under recognized safe limits.
That’s about as close to zero as it gets.
1Love Saunas use Far Infrared technology which is invisible to the human eye. Far Infrared is INVISIBLE light, so humans can't see it. There are no visible lights in 1Love Saunas.

Products that use visible light (near infrared, red light) have potential health risks. Far Infrared has no known health risks and the greatest benefits. At 1Love, we believe that our Far Infrared Saunas offer the greatest benefits with the best safety.
When the stones are slightly heated, the stones in 1Love Saunas amplify and intensify the Far Infrared. Your Sauna creates Far Infrared and heat ~ this heat is then transferred to the stones which release additional Far Infrared.

The stones also have wonderful Eastern Medicine benefits. We go into this in detail here

1Love Saunas without stones still offer all of the benefits of Far Infrared Therapy (just not quite as much)! No matter which model you choose, you will receive the full benefits of Sauna Therapy.
We ship orders the same day they are ordered (before 2pm PST M-F). Shipping within the U.S and Canada typically takes 2-7 days.
We also offer active/discharged service members, first responders, and medical professionals a 5% discount at checkout! Give us a call, or shoot us a chat and we'll send you the code.

If you are looking to use our Saunas in a commercial setting and want a link to share with your clients, check out our affiliate portal on our “Partner with Us” tab for commission opportunities.

If you are interested in buying several Saunas at a time, please contact us for a custom quote!
First 30 Days - FULL WARRANTY
Request a return for any reason (within 30 days of receiving your Sauna). We want you to love your Sauna! If the item shows clear signs of use/abuse, it may be subject to a restocking fee.

First 30 Days, Defective Products - FULL WARRANTY
If you suspect the product is defective and our support team is unable to troubleshoot your issue, you may return the product for a full refund. We will issue a prepaid mailing label for return shipping. We also offer replacement parts at no cost to you.

30 Days To 1 Year - FULL WARRANTY
No returns will be accepted after 30 days, but we're here to help. If you suspect the product is defective and our support team is unable to troubleshoot your issue, we will provide replacement parts or a replacement unit at no cost to you. We pay for all shipping cost.

We offer Full Support for the lifetime of your Sauna. We also provide replacement parts at our direct cost. We want you to have confidence, knowing we are here to help you get a lifetime of therapeutic enjoyment out of your 1Love Sauna.

All 1Love Saunas are tested for a minimum of 4 hours. We stand by the quality of our Saunas!
Yes! At checkout, you have the option of paying with KLARNA AND SHOPPAY (by Affirm).

Payments are often $100 a month or less with zero or low interest. Interested? Chose Klarna or ShopPay as your payment option at checkout! You will be informed of plan details prior to completing your order.
1Love has Sauna Domes to accommodate most body sizes. The information below should help you determine which one is right for you. If you still aren't sure, please contact us and we'll help you find your best fit.

Important Note:We will always push people toward the sauna that best fits them. Getting the larger option when it is not needed, may result in a slightly less intense experience. Additionally, the XL dome does require a bit longer preheat time as there is more surface area to be heated. Please try your best to get the right sized sauna for you.

Length: Both Standard and XL sizes are about 72". They will comfortably fit people up to 6' 6" for full coverage (with your head outside the dome). If you would like to have your head inside, we suggest a maximum height of 6'.

Width: The easiest way to tell which dome is right for you is to measure yourself. It might be easier to have a friend help. You will want to measure around your body at your largest point. This is usually the shoulders, chest, or stomache. Make sure to include your arms in the measurement.

How to measure:
Use a flexible tape measure to find you maximum circumference. You can also use a ribbon or string to take the measurement, mark it, and then measure the string.

Standard Size Dome: Maximum Body Circumference = Less than 58"
XL Size Domes: Maximum Body Circumference = Greater than 58" & up to 77"
We feel that the choice between the two 1Love Domes comes down to personal preference. You will get amazing therapeutic benefits with both models.

The Premium and Luxor are functionally and mechanically the same. The only differences between the two models is the color and the stones in the Mat.

Premium: White, with 144 Germanium Stones in the Mat

Luxor: Black, with 72 Bian & 72 Jade Stones in the Mat

All of the stones we use naturally release Far Infrared when heated. Just the act of holding one in your hand will cause it to release beneficial Far Infrared, powered only by the heat of your body. The end result is that the stones amplify and intensify the therapeutic value. There are additional Eastern Medicine benefits as well. You can read about them here
All 1Love Saunas are offer amazing benefits and are built to the highest standards for durability, longevity, safety, and effectiveness.

1Love Blankets win for portability and price:
-Although both Sauna styles are portable and easily moved and stored (especially compared to a walk-in unit), the blanket is much easier to move and store away.
-If you like the feel of a weighted blanket on you (and are comfortable with the thought of sweating in one), a 1Love Blanket may be best for you.

1Love Domes win for intensity, comfort, cleanup, and overall experience
-Domes get to a higher temperature, and produce greater Far Infrared. This is due to the larger size, extra Far Infrared elements, and greater quantity of stones (which add to the far infrared when heated).
-Many people prefer the comfort of the 'open air' environment vs. the weighted blanket. There is a bit of room to move without anything touching your body.
-Cleanup tends to be easier with the Dome as all of your sweat will be collected by a towel underneath you (and the rest of your body isn't touching your Sauna).
Your 1Love Sauna should make you feel MUCH better, but under rare circumstances you may feel a bit worse when first using your Sauna. If you suffer any of the following symptoms, please consider limiting your sessions to less time at lower temperatures until you start to feel better.

Toxin Release: Our bodies absorb a lot of toxins, heavy metals, mold, etc. during our lifetimes. Ideally, our bodies are able to filter out the toxins as they come in, but many toxins get left in the body - often encapsulated by our cells so they do less harm. As your Far Infrared Sauna begins to penetrate your full body, these encapsulated areas will be opened up so your body can eliminate the toxins. This process can make you feel sick, especially at the beginning of Therapy. You should feel better over a few sessions, as the toxins are removed. Feeling sick due to toxins is not fun, but it actually can be a good sign of your Sauna working correctly. Make sure to help your body do its job, and drink extra water!

Dehydration: Drink water! Your body needs a lot of water to function at its best and to replenish the sweat you are losing. Hydration is also necessary to aid in the removal of toxins that are now loose in your body, so it's vitally important.

Heat: Intense heat can make people feel unwell at times. While your body is getting used to the heat, consider lowering the temperature of the Sauna zones and using for less time per session. Having a fan pointed at your face may help as well. As always, drink extra water and pay attention to your own body.
Yes! You can lay in any comfortable position. 1Love Saunas surround you with 360 Degrees of Therapy, so body position doesn't' matter. That's one of the beautiful benefits of 1Love Saunas. Get cozy and get healthy!
Absolutely! It's entirely up to you! If you are comfortable with your head inside, that is perfectly fine and safe to do. We recommend scooting to the bottom of the mat and rolling the large dome over your head as desired.
Less than $5/month if used daily! We've run the analysis, and even in locations with the highest energy cost, you should never have to pay more than $5 a month to operate your 1Love Sauna.
Check with your doctor if you are extremely sensitive to temperature, have sustained an injury or had recent surgery, are pregnant, have a pre-existing heart condition, or are on medications which may interact with heat.
We take pride in the fact that we are customer-driven and offer accessible support when you need it. Our support team is readily available and on-hand for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
You will be connected to a living, breathing member of our 1Love team who will work with you to answer any of your questions, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues.

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