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You can clean your Sauna however often best fits your comfort level! To clean, we recommend mixing half water and half vinegar to make a solution that you can put into a spray bottle. You can spray this directly onto the Mat of the Dome or surface of the Blanket and wipe dry with a towel.
The less you have on the better, this allows the Far Infrared rays within the Sauna to penetrate your body with less resistance. We recommend an absorbent towel down for each use, although we have plenty of customers who prefer using without a towel to feel more intense heat within their Sauna. Using a towel does not negate any of the FIR going into your body, these rays are specially attuned to the human body.
Our products are not completely EMF free, however we do have testing to prove our levels and that they fall within the safe zones for your body! Our extensive tests indicate that you will receive a consistent exposure of 0.1482mG while using our Saunas—more than 16 times under recognized safe limits. That’s about as close to zero as it gets.
Want to see these tests? Shoot us an email and we’ll get them to you! Email:
Far Infrared is entirely invisible to the human eye, it is a region of the Infrared spectrum. The FIR technology we use in our Saunas is especially tuned to the human body -100% safe for you and your body!
Our Sauna Domes and Blankets use Far Infrared technology which is invisible to the human eye, so our products do not have any lights inside of them!
The stones in our Domes and Blankets further amplify the effects of Far Infrared, our models without stones still offer all of the benefits Far Infrared has to offer your body! As for the specific benefits your body will receive from them will vary based on the type. You can find more information on these benefits under the 'Stones' tab on our website!
We ship orders the same day they are ordered, and shipping within the U.S. typically takes within 5-7 days. We are happy to give you a quote for shipping prices and arrival estimates for customers outside of the U.S. just give us a call at (541)-360-9982.
We do our best to offer our customers cost-effective and affordable Far Infrared Sauna therapy! To further that mission, we offer our customers a 5% discount (use code “LoveYourself” at checkout!)

We also offer active/discharged service members, first responders, and medical professionals a 10% discount at checkout! Give us a call, or shoot us a chat to redeem that code!

If you are looking to use our Saunas in a commercial setting and want a link to share with your clients, check out our affiliate portal on our “Partner with Us” tab!
We offer our customers a 30 day trial for any of our products, if you find you aren’t loving what you purchased -we will cover the cost of return shipping! We want to make sure you love what you order, and if you aren’t let us help you find something you and your body will!
For customers who buy our products using our website we do offer payment plan options through Klarna. This payment plan option offers customers the ability to pay in 4 equal payments with little interest or fees. Payments are under $100 a month. Interested? Chose Klarna as your payment option at checkout!
Our standard size model Domes (Premium and Luxor) comfortably fit those who fall under 260 lbs. The circumference of our standard Domes is 58 inches, this measurement also accounts for your arms while inside of the Dome. For customers who are above 260 llbs, we recommend the Luxor and Premium XL Domes. The circumference of our XL Domes is 77 inches, so it can comfortably fit those who are above that weight range! However, we always encourage our customers measure themselves if they have any concerns with how one of our Saunas will fit them! All models of our Domes offer individuals that fall within 6’3 full coverage*, but those who are taller can accommodate with a towel. *Full coverage is achieved when your head is out of the Sauna*
-We offer our customers a complete 360 degree Sauna experience!
-Our Domes also utilize two therapies (Sauna and Far Infrared) to give your body the fullest experience available.
-They come with a 1 year warranty and a lifetime of support.
-Our products are made to the highest quality standard, are made with entirely non-toxic materials, and with your body’s comfort and care in mind!
-Our Saunas are easy to set up and use -no assembly required!
-We are headquartered in Covallis, Oregon, USA!
-All of our Saunas ship FREE within the U.S. and Canada!
-We offer options to finance your purchase at checkout using Klarna, making your monthly payments be less than $100!

We take pride in the fact that we are customer-driven and offer accessible support when you need it. Our support team is readily available and on-hand for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. 

You will be connected to a living, breathing member of our 1Love team who will work with you to answer any of your questions, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues.

Just click on the CHAT button,
use the CONTACT form on this page, 
or give us a call...541-360-9982

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