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Because of the way that our Far Infrared technology works, we strongly recommend that you preheat your Dome for ATLEAST 30 minutes to feel the full effects of your Sauna. The interior of the Sauna will not heat quickly. The mechanism of Far Infrared is that it doesn't heat the air. Instead, it is tuned to the human body and will penetrate deeply through bare skin. After preheating for the recommended time and you STILL aren’t seeing your Dome get hot enough…
1. Unplug all of the cords at the back of the controller box and then securely plug back in -verify that they are in the correct location.
2. Start up the Sauna and let heat for at least 10 minutes. It can take up to 30 minutes to fully heat the stones.
3. Make sure you have pressed the START button. Check to see if you're still having a problem. Are all 3 little lights blinking when it is heating up?
4. If the problem persists, please plug the cords at the back of the controller box into the WRONG location and set all temperatures to 70. Heat for 10 minutes. Is the mat still not getting hot? Are both domes getting hot?
Send us a picture of the damaged area(s) on your Dome either via our phone number, (541)-360-9982, or our email We want to make sure our products get to you in the condition we sent them off! All replacements/repairs are entirely free and covered underneath a 1 year warranty.
1. Unplug all the cables at the back of the control box and securely plug back in.
2. Start preheating the Sauna for AT LEAST 30 minutes.
If you are still having issues with your Mat heating up or heating at all, please give us a call at (541)-360-9982 and we can resolve the issue together!
Far Infrared heat can escape quickly when not properly contained. While your Blanket may not feel hot to the touch, once you are inside you will feel the heat! The rays aren’t good at heating things that aren’t your body. To properly assess the heat of your Blanket, be sure to preheat for AT LEAST 30 minutes and hop inside!

Still not getting hot? Call us to troubleshoot (541)-360-9982.
There are 2 different therapies at play. Sauna, and Far Infrared.

Far Infrared provides great benefits at a cellular level, even at low temperatures. Without breaking a sweat, you will still be receiving great therapeutic benefits.

Sauna raises your core body temperature which adds amazing secondary benefits. EveryBODY is different! Due to everyone’s individual thermoregulatory systems, the time it’ll take you to sweat can differ. However, your Sauna will get hot and so will you! It may take some time before you begin to sweat.
That "EE" response happens if you have one of the gray cables to the Sauna disconnected, just a standard message that'll display on your Box if there is a missed connection. We recommend you make sure that all of the cords are connected to the box and the power source.
The power cord to our Control units are made to tight specifications- so sometimes it can be hard to know if it's plugged in all the way! You will need to push the cord into the port HARD to ensure that it has gone in all the way, it will make a “click” when it has gone in all the way.
No need to worry! If you have owned your Sauna for less than 1 year, we can replace your cord(s)/cable(s) at no cost to you! If you’ve loved your Sauna for more than 1 year, we still have you! We can provide you with a replacement at our direct cost -so you pay what we pay! Need more help? Call us: (541)-360-9982.
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