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Free Mat Cover With The Purchase of XL Sauna Domes

Why Therapeutic Stones?

We incorporate therapeutic stones into our highest quality saunas because of their inate ability to enhance far infrared. When heated, they release far infrared and negative ions to both increase total infrared output and detoxification.
Amplify Far Infrared
When heated, therapeutic stones release MORE far infrared.
Promote Healing
Therapeutic stones have been used for centuries as a form of healing.
Increase Detox
Negative ions released from the stones enhance detox.
Remove Heavy Metals
These stones increase your body's ability to release heavy metals.
Enhance Natural Filtration
Therapeutic stones support organs such as liver, kidneys and spleen.
Known for being a symbol of peace and traquility, Jade also serves to aid in the bodies natural filtration system.
Serves a powerful role in detoxification as well as a stabilizing effect on the nervous system.
Improves circulation and immune system strength. Germanium also helps detox the body of heavy metals.
Known for its purification attributes, slows aging and improves skin health.
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