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How Therapeutic Stones Elevate the Infrared Sauna Experience

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Saunas are growing to be extremely affordable, especially after cost of the sauna itself

Anyone looking for therapeutic sauna experiences for healing their body can turn to certain stones to help. And no, we don’t mean you should start carrying rocks into the sauna with you. So, how does it work? Read the details below to discover how therapeutic stones elevate your infrared sauna experience. Then, you can discover how tiny stones can make a big impact on our bodies.

How They Elevate the Sauna

On the surface, therapeutic stones look stunning, but something special happens to them when they interact with heat. Warming up these stones allows them to produce far infrared for soothing your body.

The heat of your body can activate the therapeutic stones’ soothing abilities. For example, a far infrared heating pad helps to release the far infrared from stones while securely holding them around you for a uniform experience on your body.

Therapeutic Stones & Heat Retention

Not only can you benefit from what therapeutic stones emit but also from what they retain. If you worry about the stones cooling down too quickly or inconsistently, don’t.

Therapeutic stones retain heat, so you can enjoy their uniform warming capabilities for a solid session. You won’t have to constantly rub the stones to heat them up—your body heat and the stones’ heat retention ensure that you experience uniform, consistent heat distribution.

Types Of Therapeutic Stones

We’ve been using the broader term “therapeutic stones,” but they carry much more specific names. At 1Love Health, we offer tourmaline, germanium, bian, and jade. Each stone carries various benefits for the sauna experience.

For example, bian has a reputation for strengthening blood vessels, and tourmaline is known for its stabilizing effect on the body’s nerves, helping to reduce stress when heated. Since you now know how therapeutic stones elevate your infrared sauna experience, consider how you can implement them in your life for healthier, happier results.

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