We have one precious life. A finite number of days. How do you want to spend yours?
What will be written in your story?

At 1Love Health, we believe that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. In order to be in-tune we need to be our best selves. We believe that 1Love Saunas can help free you from the distractions of living in pain, with toxins and disease, and with tired uncooperative bodies and restless minds. We believe that the profound benefits of a 1Love Sauna can help make the world a little better... 1 sweat at a time

Love yourself, so that you may better love others... 
In truly loving yourself, you increase your capacity to experience Love. It's often difficult to remember to treat ourselves with the same kindness and empathy as we give to others, but please remember that you are worthy of infinite love (including your own).

All our best, always,
1Love Health
Live Longer Happier Healthier

Based in the mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA
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