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Our mission at 1Love is to help everyone live longer, happier and healthier. This is why we have poured our heart and soul into the design of our saunas. We've proudly created some of the absolute safest and most effective saunas on the market. With the introduction of full copper lining for grounding, many models are truly zero EMFs, ELFs and VOCs. This is something you'll be hardpressed to find anywhere else.

Far Infrared Sauna FAQs

Far infrared rays penetrate far below the skins surface in order to heat the body. Traditional saunas heat the air around you, which heats your body. A far infrared sauna, especially uses infrared heat that requires much lower temperatures to heat the body to its core. This makes for a much more pleasant experience, while still leveraging all of the far infrared sauna benefits. Our far infrared have high temperatures, so that when the body becomes heat-adapted you can progressively increase the temperature for even the most experiences sauna users.

A far infrared sauna does an amazing job of heating the body directly and elevating core temperature. This increase in core temperature increases blood flow and blood circulation throughout the entire body. This can aid in reduction of cardiovascular diseases, improved immune system health, reduced inflammation, temporary increase in hormone secretion and even improved brain function. Overall there are tons of well researched health benefits of far infrared sauna use.

Far infrared saunas are amazing from removing toxins from the body. Far infrared rays deeply heat the body, providing blood flow and nutrients to the body's natural filtration systems. This causes the body to excrete toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides or even drugs and alcohol, in a healthy manner. Many people assume the detoxification process comes from sweat; however, this is only a small portion of how the body is able to detox.

High levels of electromagnetic fields can be dangerous. The issue within the far infrared sauna industry is that many companies either fail to mention EMF, or even worse, claim low EMF, when levels are actually high and dangerous. We are fully transparent with the EMF of our far infrared saunas. Many companies will send their products to third party testers to appear more credible, but in reality, they modify the sauna before sending it off, to get a much lower number than they should.
1Love Portable Sauna Dome EMF: 0.148mG Overall Average EMF

Far infrared dome saunas or even far infrared sauna blankets are awesome because they can be powered with a standard household outlet. All 1Love infrared saunas come with a standard 110v plug in that allows you to leverage sauna sessions anywhere that has a standard household outlet.

The placement of your sauna will rely on weather conditions and protective environments in order for them to operate normally and free of damage. Traditional indoor saunas that use cedar are very appealing and even come with a pleasant cedar aroma. Consquentially, if you choose to place these outside, it is important to choose a sauna that uses weatherproof material, especially because these large, cabin-style saunas are very combersome to move.

A great aspect of a portable sauna is that you can truly take it wherever you choose, as long as the weather is treating you well. A portable home sauna like ours is very easy to move. This means if you come across a nice sunny day where you want to take your sauna session outside, you may do so. Since they use a standard 110V outlet, they can easily be placed on a nice clean deck outside to enjoy total relaxation where ever you please. Some larger saunas are heavily dependent on larger breaker boxes for their high electricity output and are much harder to transport or move.

Traditional Finnish saunas are saunas that provide heat and humidty via hot rocks and water. These generally are quite large and have a large space commitment. They're great for people looking for a very authentic feel, but can be slightly less effective than far infrared saunas.

Infrared saunas are able to penetrate much deeper into the body, offering blood circulation and raise of core temperature like no other, even at lower temperature. They're also much more convenient and portable where many can be powered simply through a standard 110V outlet. Saunas truly are one of the best forms of natural medicine in the world.

Generally, there are two main types of infrared heaters. These are carbon heaters and ceramic heaters. Our infrared saunas all use carbon heating elements for several reasons. Carbon heating elements generally heat up faster than ceramic. They are also easier to shield EMF from. This is especially important when looking into portrable infrared saunas, since the body is so close to the heating elements. Additionally, carbon heaters are able to be more compact and fit into smaller places. This is great for a home sauna or any 1 person sauna. Ceramic heating elements are typically larger, take longer to preheat, but in some cases can be a bit more intense; however, our carbon heating elements are the most intense on the market.

Our far infrared saunas offer infrared rays tuned to your body's natural frequency. Using a wavelength of 4-15μm allows for optimal heating of the body down to its core. This is why we have chosen it to use in all of our far infrared saunas for sale.

An infrared sauna is a great tool in elevating your core body temperature. This increase causes an up-regulation in metabolism, during the period of core temperature increase. The science indicates that there is roughly a 10-13% increase in metabolism per degree of core body temperature increase. This could result in as much as a 40% increase in caloric burn during a sauna session.

Yes! Saunas do increase heart rate as core temperature rises. You may find increases in heart rate up to 140-150bpm, making a sauna similar to moderate intensity cardio after core temperature increases.

Optimal duration of infrared sauna therapy is dependent on the frequency of use. It is recommended to get at least 58 minutes of sauna sessions per week. This means you could break it down into one day, with careful hydration, or separate it into a few sessions throughout the week. The goal should be to keep each sauna session at a minimum of 20 minutes long. This allows the body to heat up enough to leverage all of the health benefits that infrared saunas have to offer.

Far infrared saunas are fantastic in providing blood flow to portions of the body that truly need it. This improved circulation helps facilitate nutrients to the muscle, which enhance recovery and can reduce the magnitude of muscle soreness you may endure from a hard workout.

Infrared therapy has amazing abilities to increase blood flow throughout the body. This allows for better overall circulation and has been shown to improve or better regulate high blood pressure. It is always important to contact your health professional if you are struggling with blood pressure issues before using an infrared sauna.

An amazing part about an infrared sauna, especially 1 person portable infrared saunas, is that the cost to run them per month is extremely low. In particular to 1Love saunas, these will add less than $2 per month to your electricity bill and the use a standard 110v household outlet! The total wattage will vary by model, the far infrared sauna blankets have an output of 600W, while the 1 person far infrared sauna domes have an output of 1200W.

Since far infrared portable saunas directly heat the body through infrared rays, their maximum temperature can be much lower than a traditional sauna. Traditional saunas simply heat the air around you, which means that the temperature will need to be much higher to increase your core body temperature. This can cause discomfort for many people as they would have to breathe in constant hot air. With an infrared sauna, even if it were set to the same temperature as a traditional sauna, it would feel less hot. This allows you to be more comfortable and last longer in your sauna sessions.

With infrared saunas you can find that temperatures of even 120 degrees Fahrenheit will be effective. Regardless of this we like to offer a temperature rage that could fit anyones needs. Our portable sauna domes have a maximum temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit so that even the most experienced sauna users can adjust it to their liking. Competitors often boast temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is far below what we have to offer.

Therapeutic stones are stones that when heated, release far infrared. These heated stones help amplify the intensity of far infrared within your sauna. In a 1Love personal infrared sauna, these stones are included all around to create a total 360 degree far infrared environment, this allows you to leverage all that far infrared rays have to offer.

Portable infrared saunas oftentimes are made with materials that can release harmful VOCs into your household and leave it smelling poorly. A 1Love portable infrared sauna is made with all non-toxic materials to ensure minimum VOC release. It is important to note that with any new product, the first time heat up maybe have a slight smell to it, but this will remedy after simply a day or two.

Portable infrared saunas generally have very little upkeep. Cleaning a portable sauna is also very easy, but there are some important things to note. Whenever you're cleaning your personal sauna, you should always use non-toxic cleaning supplies. This is to ensure no toxic VOCs are emitted.
1Love Saunas recommends to use equal parts water and white vinegar, with a combination of lemon and eucalyptus oil.
This creates a disinfectent spray that smells nice and avoids any toxic chemicals.

Far Infrared saunas are very safe, especially when they are truly a low EMF portable sauna. The people that should avoid personal infrared saunas is anybody that has recently had surgery, is extremely sensitive to higher temperatures, pregnant, has pre-exisiting heart complications or on any medications that specifically say to limit heat exposure. If you are ever curious about if an infrared sauna could negatively impact your pre-exisiting conditions, please check with your doctor or specialist before purchasing one.

When using any type of sauna it is important to avoid wearing any sort of metal. Even inside of a far infrared sauna, metal can heat up and lead to burns. In terms of what to clothing to wear inside of a sauna, less is better. For traditional saunas, clothing doesn't matter quite as much because hot air is what heats the body. In a far infrared sauna, infrared rays are used to directly heat the body from within. This means that any clothes you wear simply act as a barrier for far infrared light. The less clothes you wear in an infrared sauna, the more you will sweat.

The packages being shipped are rather large, with the single person infrared sauna dome, the package weight for the standard size is 69lbs. The package weight for the XL side is about 92lbs. This is primarily due to the packing so ensure you personal infrared sauna gets to you safely.

In regards to moving each section, they are quite light, ranging from 15-20lbs each, this is generally not an issue for most people

Our single person infrared sauna blankets are light as well, ranging from 22 lbs with stones and 27lbs without stones.

We appreciate the constant support from our amazing customer base.
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