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Everything You Need To Know About EMF in Infrared Saunas

Everything You Need To Know About EMF in Infrared Saunas

Make sure you have all information about EMF in infrared saunas

Key Takeaways:

  • EMF is everywhere.

  • Infrared saunas all have some EMF, but it matters how they reduce it.

  • Our far infrared saunas are extremely low EMF

  • Many companies say they are low EMF, but actually are not.

Trying out any new technology requires careful preparation because you may not always know the dangers beforehand. Something may seem harmless, but that doesn’t make moderation any less important. For instance, when considering adding infrared saunas to your daily routine, you may grow worried when hearing about EMFs. If this is the deciding factor holding you back from trying infrared saunas, we’re happy to enlighten you on the subject.

The side effects of the titular radiation are an understandable concern because EMFs are present in these saunas, but that doesn’t make them inherently dangerous. Don’t worry—we’re here to clear up any confusion you have about the topic. Keep reading to find everything you need to know about EMF in infrared saunas to have more confidence and peace of mind when you step inside.

Let’s Define EMF

So, what does EMF mean? This acronym stands for electromagnetic fields. You may associate this term with science fiction films. But whether you’re at home, the office, or on a walk through the woods, EMF plays a role in your everyday life. EMF radiates from electrical devices all around us to various degrees.

TVs, phones, power lines, and baby monitors are just a few materials you may interact with daily that emit EMFs. Even our own bodies emit EMFs, so it’s difficult to avoid them, though you can reduce exposure. Natural EMFs shouldn’t concern you, but unnatural sources are when moderation becomes critical. However, before we dive into the potential dangers of EMF exposure, let’s discuss why it’s present in infrared sauna systems.

Why EMF Is Present in Infrared Saunas

Simply put, EMFs are emitted from infrared saunas for the same reason they emit from your TV or remote control. Electromagnetic fields are not a special ingredient in a sauna but instead a byproduct of being an electronic device. It’s also important to know that the specific EMF output can differ between infrared saunas, especially saunas designed by different brands.

Luckily, the right design can ensure you experience a low-EMF output over a higher one. For example, at 1Love Health, our portable far infrared sauna domes for sale incorporate Zero EMF Technology. They will give you a better experience than you would have with a local gym’s infrared sauna. Your health is at the forefront of our infrared sauna domes’ designs in many ways, and EMF radiation is certainly among them. Now, it’s time to learn about potentially the most important question on your mind—how will EMF radiation hurt me, if at all?

Is EMF Dangerous?

Health concerns about EMF radiation are nothing new, hence why the World Health Organization (WHO) launched The International EMF Project in the ’90s. This project was dedicated to researching the titular radiation to help inform the public of the truth. According to WHO research on EMF exposure, there is no solid evidence showing that low levels of EMF exposure impact health. However, interacting with high levels of EMFs is harmful to human health. Thus, there is no evidence yet directly linking moderate uses of common devices such as phones or computers to dire medical side effects from electromagnetic fields.

If you want to reduce EMF exposure in your life, there is nothing wrong with that, and spending time away from devices is certainly a way to do it. After all, those devices are unnatural sources of EMFs. Since we want you to have the same peace of mind when using a portable infrared sauna, we ensure each dome and other device doesn’t emit harmful levels of radiation.

That way, you can focus more on improving your health when using our saunas and worry less about potential side effects. The effects of EMFs are certainly important to wonder about, but there’s no reason to worry about low-level exposure quite yet. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you, for any reason, feel that you are experiencing physical side effects due to EMF exposure. Since high levels of EMF can damage the cells in our body, it’s always important to prioritize professional assistance if you think you’ve interacted with dangerous levels of radiation.

Using Saunas With Peace of Mind

Now that you’re privy to everything you need to know about EMF in infrared saunas, you should have more peace of mind stepping into one for the first time. That said, what should you do if you don’t feel great after using a sauna?

Reducing your time in the sauna or hydrating more may help, but don’t hesitate to talk with your health-care provider to talk more about why you’re experiencing such side effects. As mentioned above, there is currently no association between low-level EMF exposure and deadly side effects. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore any signs of discomfort after your sauna, even if the sauna itself is not the issue.

As we said, your health is critical to the design of our portable infrared saunas at 1Love Health. After extensive testing, we’ve concluded that the average EMF exposure you will experience using a 1Love Health sauna is 0.1482mG. For those unaware, 0.1482mG is over 16 times under recognized safe limits, so you can rest easy when lying in our sauna domes. Moreover, we’ve tested for extremely low-frequency radiation (ELF), and the results show our average ELF emission is 13.59 V/m, which, once again, puts us far below the accepted safe levels you should encounter.

That said, some folks like to stay away from EMF as much as they can, even when around low-level sources. We want to accommodate your preferences too, which is why we use Zero EMF Technology sauna domes and blankets that reduce exposure further.

An infrared sauna can support a healthy routine in many ways, from improving brain health to reducing stress and more. So you shouldn’t try out these devices without unanswered questions. Thanks to our comprehensive guide above, hopefully, you have fewer questions and more reasons to try an infrared sauna now.

Everything You Need To Know About EMF in Infrared Saunas
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