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Ultra Low EMF Infrared Sauna

EMF plays a large role in far infrared saunas. It is important to look for transparency with accurate data. There are various guidelines in place by organizations in regards to EMF exposure, so it is important that you know them.

What are EMFs?

  • Electro Magnetic Fields are everywhere.
  • All electronic devices emit some amount of EMFs.
  • Your phone may have levels of even 30mG!
EMFs are invisible areas of energy that are associated with the use of any electrical power. There is no need to be afraid with small amounts of EMFs as they truly are everywhere, but large amounts can be harmful long term.

What Harm Can EMFs Cause?


Mood Swings



Even though EMF truly is everywhere, high exposure can lead to long term health conditions. This is why we value low EMF in our products and hold ourselves to high standards.

What EMF Levels Are Safe?

  • Short Periods: Below 10mG.
  • Long Periods: Below 3mG.
  • Overall: As low as possible.
EMF exposure is relatively complicated because harms typical come from overall, average exposure. For example, an area in your house may be up to 10mG, but others lower around 2mG. With modern technology such as wifi and 5G signals, many households may have average EMF levels of 3mG and above.

The Safest On The Market



Our comprehensive testing incoorperates many data points to achieve the most accurate reading possible. We take pride in offering the safest portable far infrared saunas available. Purchase with confidence, knowing 1Love has your back.
OVERALL AVERAGE EMF: 0.429mG ✕ .3450 = 0.148mG

Testing Transparency

  • Many companies remove heating elements prior to testing.
  • There is no regulation or true standard for 'Low EMF'.
When testing EMF, companies often find loop holes in order to establish credibility. This is generally through using third party testing, where companies will remove heating elements prior to sending in the unit. This leaves the customer getting a far different reading than what is shown. We test all of our saunas straight out of the box in the assembled position for full accuracy and transparency.

Sauna Dome

Portable infrared sauna with zero EMF technology.
Our best-selling, highest reviewed product. Take infrared therapy into your own hands with a portable infrared sauna that works great anywhere within the home. This is truly a home sauna of the future.

Sauna Blanket

Portable infrared sauna blanket with zero EMF technology.
Don't have much space? 1Love has your back. We use the same, cutting-edge zero EMF sauna technology in our sauna blankets to create and amazing experience at a lower price point with enhanced portability.

Heating Pad

Infrared heat therapy with zero EMF technology.
Standard electric heating pads are truly outdated and ineffective. Our far infrared heating pad penetrates 2-3" deep into the body allowing for optimal muscle recovery with decreased joint pain. This works fantastically on arthritis, you can even use far infrared for Psoriasis!


Infrared saunas are an amazing tool for optimizing health and longevity. This use of far infrared means that a quality portable infrared sauna must be build with low EMF in mind. Having low emf allows you a safe environment, especially with an item you'll be using daily. With the host of issues of high EMF environments, we choose to create the best portable infrared saunas on the market, with Ultra low EMF readings as low as 0.148mG in our sauna domes.

Cheaper saunas on the market simply are unable to afford the high quality zero EMF carbon heaters, which means that you could truly be placing your health at risk. Invest in your safety and future, with 1Love.

The short answer is no. Any sort of device that uses electricity is going to have some level of electric and magnetic fields. EMFs are truly everywhere, you'll even find low levels of EMFs in your bedroom and even outside. With proper EMF shielding material, portable saunas and all other far infrared saunas can come perfectly safe, but of course, the lower levels the better.

True near-zero EMF in infrared saunas is far less common than you may assume. The manufacturing costs are far more expensive than that of high EMF saunas. You may find that when a company fails to mention anything about EMFs, they may have EMF readings of even 100mG+ which is 30X the healthy limit!

They are also issues with EMF testing where companies may remove their heating elements, prior to sending them off for third party testing, which is truly an issue that is common.

EMF readers are an extremely useful tool when testing products for EMFs. Trifield EMF readers are some of the best on the market. 1Love uses three different EMF readers, including Trifield EMF meter in order to accurately assess EMF levels within our far infrared saunas.

Our infrared saunas are tested in the fully assembled position, to assure EMF level are being accurately reported in a way that our lovely customers will experience.

1Love has had transparent EMF levels listed from the start. We have always believed that the customer deserves to have a high quality product that we can stand by. We truly believe in the health benefits of heat therapy and want to offer it to as many people as possible in order to make change in health. We know that a low emf infrared sauna is a great way to do that, so we constantly strive to achieve the best saunas on the market.

We have the hottest, safest and highest quality portable far infrared saunas on the market, backed by a full 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarentee. We offer and stand by, only the best.

With 1Love low EMF infrared saunas we strive to create the lowest EMF saunas on the market. However, safe levels of EMF are actually much higher than we use in our infrared sauna.

Many sources have actually indicated that levels of 1000mG are when exposure becomes unsafe. The research findings on the dangerous of high EMF are moderately inconclusive at lower ranges. In a typical household, you may find numbers as high as 20mG in some areas, even if you're not very close to electronics. Your own phone will have EMF levels of 20-40mG and some other electrical devices such as a fan can have levels of 300mG to 500mG.

Truthfully, as long as a infrared sauna has levels below 5-10mG it should be considered totally safe; however, 1Love will continually strive to create the lowest EMF readings possible in a quality sauna.

With a portable infrared sauna, the body is much closer to the carbon heating elements than it would be in a traditional, cabin-style sauna. When companies cut corners in EMF shielding, it makes the issue very well exposed due to how close the heating elements are to the body. This means much more money and effort goes into migating EMF levels in a portable far infrared sauna, so many companies will fail to do it.

Far infrared saunas are truly the future of saunas. They're much easier to endure the time required to achieve health benefits, and oftentimes they can come in sizes and prices that anyone will love. A portable sauna, which could be an infrared sauna blanket or an infrared sauna dome, is a great option for most anyone. With that size, it can fit whereever you choose. Additionally, choosing 1Love will allow you to have portability as well as an ultra low EMF sauna.

Our sauna blanket is also a near zero EMF sauna. This is a great option for people with a tighter budget, or simply do not have the space.

Infrared saunas that are cabin-style are also a great option, although we do not offer them yet.

If you have ample power and space, this may be a good option for you, when considering a 2 person sauna or 3 person sauna. Just make sure any sauna you use is a low EMF sauna. Low EMF saunas are not typical saunas you would find in a Costco.

Whichever you choose, we are sure you'll love it. Everyone should leverage the many health benefits of an infrared sauna session such as improved immune system, enhanced muscle recovery, increased heart health as well as helping you reach any other health goals you may have.

Far infrared saunas release a similar heat energy to the sun. This infrared light is not visible to the human eye, which may leave some confused; however, it is extremely effective at heating the body in a natural way that is similar to the sun heating the earth and the people on it.

Infrared light has a few different wavelengths such as far infrared light, near infrared light and mid infrared light. These all are effective in different respects, but far infrared is by far the most effective at heating the body, which is why it is so heavily used in saunas.

1Love takes pride in being an infrared sauna company that offers far infrared tuned to your body with far infrared wavelengths of 4-15uM.

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